Nasdaq and the Swiss stock exchange to reach a chain of chain transactions

nnnThe US Securities and Exchange Commission (NYSE: NYSE: NYSE: NYSE: NYSE: NYSE: NYSE: NYSE) Indicating Nasdaq’s enthusiasm in the commercialization of block chain technology.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nNasdaq and Swiss major stock exchange operators to reach the chain chain technology into OTC (OTC) products and services.n
nUS Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), July 26 document shows that in 2015 to start the block chain project Nasdaq and SIX Group subsidiary SIX Swiss Exchange agreement. The SIX Group has been conducting a block-chain test through its SIX Securities line of business.n
nSEC documents reveal new cooperation:n
nnIn July 2017, Nasdaq also signed an agreement with SIX Swiss Exchange to provide SIX’s OTC product business based on distributed book technology solutions, emphasizing the use of the Nasdaq Financial Framework (Nasdaq Financial Framework) to further promote the area Block chain technology commercialization “.n
nnWhile it is unclear when the OTC solution will be developed, or whether there is an application deployment deadline, the news shows Nasdaq’s enthusiasm to promote the commercialization of the block chain.n
nIn addition there are many projects, such as last month, Nasdaq has announced the financial giant Citi cooperation block chain payment project. It has long said it will provide a digital media contract transaction based on block chain technology in March. Nasdaq also expressed interest in investing in more chain-chain research and development companies.n

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