NASDAQ CEO suggests new block chain project

NASDAQ CEO suggests new block chain project

NASDAQ CEO Bob Grey Field said that the U.S. stock exchange plans to launch additional block chain project in the future.

The May Co has announced that the chain and block experiment, block chain technology will assume the NASDAQ private market part of the service. The NASDAQ also revealed that June and block chain service provider Chain established a formal partnership.

According to Bloomberg, Greifeld in a recent conference call statement, suggests that the stock exchange for technology strategy.

Greifeld said: “the target block chain technology application in the NASDAQ private market is to make the company more modern, simplify the administrative functions, and security.”

For more details on the project, Chain CEO Adam Ludwin said in an interview with CoinDesk, the two companies have been tested together with the block chain technology more than a year.

“Block chain technology not only redefines the exchange mode of operation, and the global financial economy as a whole, the goal is to become the turning point of development center,” Ludwin said at the time.

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