Nasdaq: Challenges and Prospects for Block Chain Encyclopedia

nnnAdventures: Wikipedia broke the old encyclopedia development model, so that more people free to participate in content creation and sharing, to achieve democratization. However, Wikipedia’s central management model itself is still some flaws. So you can use the block chain technology to be improved. Entrepreneurial company Lunyr wanted to use the block chain to develop another Wikipedia. But the block chain technology itself will inevitably affect the defects of the encyclopedia function.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBlock-chain technology is transforming everything from banking to supply chains. Will the online encyclopedia be the next position?n
nOver the years, the encyclopedia is a monopoly form, with strict production and control of the registration system. Then Wikipedia allows everyone to write and edit articles to achieve democratization.n
nHowever, the freedom of editing brings predictable problems. In the religious, massacre and other controversial topics common editor war. And even the pursuit of encrypted monetary ideology is also guilty.n
nTo build another Wikipedia Lunyr company on the chain chain, free editors keep Wikipedia’s pages that are not frequently viewed for a few weeks of inaccurate information. At the same time Wikipedia Center managed hosting allows the government to intercept Wikipedia sites. It also gives Wikipedia administrators the ultimate control.n
nLunyr White Paper mentions that Wikipedia in 2008 suspended operations, protesting against anti-privacy bills, pointing out that centralized hosting could “abuse their right to provide self-service agendas.”n
nIn fact, before the move was taken, Wikipedia writers had been discussing for a long time.n
nBut Lunyr CEO Arnold Pham still want to solve some of the problems of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia transferred to the block chain. He also hoped that the author would be able to profit from his own work, rather than a volunteer group like Wikipedia.n
nn”We want to go to the center, anti-review of the knowledge base, you can grow, to the author to provide incentives to maintain its quality, to maintain its immediacy.”n
nnThe company will soon begin the system alpha test, which combines and manages the author’s content in conjunction with the Ethernet and Interfanetary File System.n
nThe author of the content contributed to the Lunyr Knowledge Base can send articles directly to the Sunny Square Smart Contract. This will cost “petrol” (etheriff’s smart contract fuel), which can prevent the emergence of meaningless or malicious articles.n
nThe peer review committee of the existing author must approve the content before publication. It is unclear how many authors will participate, but will be invited to participate in their respective points of interest. The author of the article through the audit can obtain two kinds of tokens reward: CBN and HNR.n
nThe author uses HNR tokens to participate in policy discussions and resolutions. Lunyr also gives the main token LUN bonus based on the CBN ratio held by the author during the two-week rewards. Its creativity seems to be the more successful your article, the more CBN you get, so the more LUNs are held at the end of each reward period.n
nThis is not entirely altruistic. The system retains a large number of LUN tokens and replenishes it on a regular basis, but Wikipedia-prohibited advertisers can also pay LUNs to this repository.n
nPham said:n
nn”Advertising needs to go through a peer review system, we will provide open source guide, but ultimately the community to decide which information is meaningful and appropriate.”n
nnEach time the Lunyr team receives 15% of the LUN’s treasury, reserves the right to create and sell more LUNs to third parties, based on smart contract limits. The April ICO project has raised 48,000 yen.n
nPham did not answer more platform-related questions because it was busy preparing the Lunyr alpha stage. How the system performs a quality score, how to distinguish successfully submit dozens of ordinary short articles, and spend a few weeks searching for a rich content?n
nPham said HNR will be at the heart of the reputation system. What to prevent people to create dozens of accounts, use them to obtain peer review, control system?n
nPerhaps the biggest question about an encyclopedia project based on encrypted money is how does it guarantee diversification of ideas, especially if it seems to center the process rather than a decentralized peer reviewer? The monetary base of the encrypted money lovers is weak: young, white, male, technical expert. Not to mention wealthy.n
nWikipedia does not require you to read the white paper, with practical knowledge of the ether square and block chain, but also face diversification. Almost 90% of the authors are male and must create special projects to expand.n
nThe biggest challenge of a block-based encyclopedia is the basic problem of encrypting money globally after planning all smart contracts, tokens distribution strategies and anti-fraud workflows. This is not just an app can solve the problem.n

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