Nasscom, lockSmiths, Quattro co-founded block chain SIG

nnnRisks: IT and service organization Nasscom has set up a block chain special interest group SIG in India’s national capitals, with BlockSmiths in the NCR district of Delhi and Quatrro, a global provider of financial technology services. The conference theme is the financial chain of science and technology, the Internet of Things industry and the application of intelligent contracts and other general applications.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIT and service agency Nasscom said it has set up a chain-specific interest group (SIG, Special Interest Group) in India’s National Capital Region (NCR). The main supporters of the SIG are BlockSmiths in the NL NL area, a company that helps companies use block-chain technology, and Quatrro, a global financial technology services provider.n
nSIG will be popular in the public block chain knowledge, while participating in a number of financial technology and non-financial technology industry projects.n
n”We believe that the partnership with NASSCOM to establish SIG is an excellent opportunity to develop a chain-chain community in India, and we firmly believe that India has the potential to lead the chain change in Southeast Asia,” said Harmeet Singh Monga, chief executive officer of BlockSmiths and founder of Block SIG. , Through the use of block-chain technology, so that many industry processes more efficient and simplified. “n
nThe last block chain SIG organized the first meeting, with more than a dozen member organizations representing participants, such as Axis Bank, Nagarro, Deloitte, Nokia, Genpact, NIIT, field:n
nn1. Financial technology block chain: reduce cross-border payment and remittance costs, to achieve seamless cooperation between different financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, regulators, block chain is the financial technology industry changes in the game rules.n
n2. Internet of things chain chain: Internet of things depends on the function of accurate equipment coordination, you need to ensure coordination and data transfer and exchange of security system. The block chain also provides the management system required to participate in transactions and commercial networking equipment.n
n3. Smart contracts and their applications: Smart contracts are code that is executed automatically in specific situations. Organizations can use this feature to eliminate third parties, monitor transaction completion, and reduce costs.n
n4. General block chain applications: This area deals with general block chain applications that are not mentioned in other core areas.n
nn”NASSCOM has decided to set up a chain chain SIG to promote block-chain technology and to gather members of the chain-chain chain to encourage different start-ups to adopt the technology,” said Rajesh Dhuddu, Senior Vice President of NASCOM Block Chain. Our collaboration with BlockSmiths is a natural collaboration that provides the expertise we need, and we look forward to working with them and NASSCOM to bring the technology to the forefront, not just India, but the rest of the world. “n
nThe block chain is a technology that supports Bitcoin transactions and gradually finds that its distributed book infrastructure can be used to encrypt other areas beyond the currency. Block chains provide secure, transparent, tamper-resistant point-to-point asset transactions.n
nThe Nasscom block chain SIG will focus on the following:n
nn1) block chain advocacyn
n2) knowledge sharing, block chain cooperation deploymentn
n3) organize hackers marathon and other activitiesn
n4) contribute to the community, and entrepreneurs and students exchange block chain business opportunities.n

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