Nearly a hundred schools in the United States have received intimidation emails, and lawless men are asking for high bitcoins

The United States on Friday (14 days) at least 14 states, about 100 schools, enterprises and government buildings received a bomb threat email, it was causing panic. The police authorities received the news, immediately blocked some affected institutions and mass evacuation, but after the search found no suspected criminals, only to extort money, not for a particular target.

Threatening email issued by the fake e-mail address, criminals have been placed in the recipient party claimed that the bomb in the building, as long as the payment of $20 thousand (about 156 thousand yuan) of bitcoin, will not detonate the bomb. The United States sent police officers after the search, the local part of the company’s employees are forced to evacuate in the street, waiting for the police investigation.

Event dragged a few hours, but not found. Affected by a number of areas including New York, California, Massachusetts, law enforcement assessment that threat is not credible, believe to want to blackmail the swindlers. The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) has been involved in the investigation to assist law enforcement departments.

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