Neckel Island block chain summit held, taking into account the ideal and reality

nnnA random block hosted by Bitfury Group was held on Tuesday on Sir Richard Branson’s private island, Neckel Island. The meeting is different from other district-focused meetings focused on the financial sector, combining technical ideals with realities, and celebrities in many areas explored how to use the emerging technology to make our world and society better.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nMany of the congresses on block chains and encrypted assets focus on finance, but this is different from the block-chain summit hosted by Bitfury Group and the venture capitalist, Bill Tai, a bit-currency mining and chain-chain service company. The summit was held on Tuesday in Sir Richard Branson’s private island on the island of Neckel, the most idealistic and most focused community block in history.n
nSome of the attendees who have not arrived at the island have discussed on the plane how to use encrypted tokens to benefit the community, such as reducing air pollution.n
nThis is very much in line with the theme of the conference.n
n50 participants from all continents, but only a few of them are well known in the chain and digital currencies: Civic founder Vinny Lingham, former CME Group Digital Leader Sandra Ro, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab (MIT Media Lab, senior consultant and author of the Age of Cryptocurrency, Michael Casey.n
nEconomist Hernando de Soto, creative singer Imogen Heap, UCLA block chain laboratory founder Heidi Pease and entrepreneur Roya Mahboob at the summit (David Paul Morris shooting)n
nBut there are many celebrities from other areas (such as ecological protection, charity, government, non-sectoral chains, non-governmental organizations, etc.): former Secretary of State Missouri Robin Carnahan, Saadia Madsbjerg, managing director of The Rockefeller Foundation , The Afghan entrepreneur Roya Mahboob – has been on the “Time” magazine the world’s 100 most influential people list.n
nEven celebrities in the field of encrypted assets focus on social concerns. For example, in the self-introduction session, DRW Holdings founder Don Wilson said he was initially exploring the use of digital money and block chains to reduce gun violence in southern and western Chicago. DRW Holdings’ subsidiary, Cumberland Mining, is probably the largest digital currency offside trading platform.n
nThe focus of the meeting is on these topics, but people also talked about some real events in the conversation, such as the SEC released a report that some tokens may be registered as securities, and a Russian accused of using Bitcoat to wash $ 4 billion Was arrested.n
nIn the first day of the meeting, several groups announced the ongoing work on the use of block-chain technology to record data in a few still growing marine ecosystems (known as “hope points”). In the live video call, Dr. Sylvia Earle, a famous marine biologist who launched the Mission Blue project and designated “Hope”, said:n
nn”We want to stop the destruction of coral reefs, it represents not only corals, but also on behalf of the fish, lobsters, sharks, grouper, sea bream, etc., like the old tree is not just the same tree. Coral reef is not just coral , More of all living creatures there, just as the New York is so prosperous is not the city ‘s building, but the inhabitants there.n
nnIn a discussion of identity, Block Chain Identity Entrepreneur Mariana Dahan – founder of the World Identity Network and the first coordinator of the World Bank Identity Program, explores the importance of the role of government in putting people’s identity into the chain The Dahan said it was important that its start-up company, World Identity Network, targeted the lack of identity of 10 billion to 20 billion people.n
nHowever, Lingham thinks it is not so important to his market.n
nn”In our case, we are particularly hoping to run the product by the end of this year and the mass base, but it is totally meaningless to negotiate with the government.” He mentioned his own identity company Civic, “there are already many governments We, but usually, when you finish the phone and let them see our documents, they look surprised. Given the way the world works, if you want to integrate third-party APIs or SDKs, then you go to the development of the site Side, open the file and then integrate the technology you want, and the government can not do that, and they still want to control everything – the sales process, what charges you charge, and so on.n
nnBut others not only did not escape this problem, but also hope that the block chain and bit currency to the government. Brian Forde, former head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s digital money program and the US House of Representatives current candidate, wants to be a “digital Democrat” and says his campaign has begun to accept royal donations.n
nIn discussing the application of block-chain technology in music, creative singer Imogen Heap said the idea of ​​combining block chains with music is “unavoidable”.n
nnShe felt that the first step in achieving that goal was what she said, “that the artist can be paid attention to in the music industry, because whether you are a composer, a producer or a clarinet, your data will be stored in many scattered places. There is not a database that contains all the artist information, which means it ‘s hard for someone to work with you.n
nnShe says there are only big organizations like Sony’s profit-oriented, “it’s hard for their artists to make money because the money is taken away by the company.If we can let the artist generate the yuan he or she is writing or participating in making Data, we can create a network that will develop the technology and services that artists will need in the future. “n
nFor members of the group, if the micro-payments for music are important to the artist, Erick Miller, co-founder and CEO of CoinCircle, believes that micro-trading will be an important part of its revenue stream. But Heap was not sure because she made more money through drama and movies. “VR and AR movies need content, but they can not find people in this area,” she says.n
nParticipants discussed these realities and technical desires without missing the SEC’s report on some of the tokens as securities and the ambition to use the token to solve the world’s environmental problems.n
nBranson said at the opening ceremony that night:n
nn”You will find some magical things in every corner of the country – the lemurs, the giant iguanas, the giant tortoises, or the flamingo.” A lot of great ideas are born here. “The island shows this Famous businessmen love the environment, it seems that this is the best venue for the meeting.n

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