NEO strategic investment deep brain chain, block-driven economy of artificial intelligence industry

Well-known distributed intelligent assets NEO strategic investment deep brain chain, which is the first-line investment institutions to invest in artificial intelligence projects. NEO will be deep brain chain in promoting blockchain technology transformation and enhance the development of artificial intelligence industry.n
NEO is a world-renowned distributed intelligent asset platform. At present, its token market capitalization exceeds 10 billion yuan, equivalent to a small and medium-sized GEM listed company. Through the NEO platform, more and more developers in the area of ​​blockchain technology have been creating projects and developing more blockchain technology application projects based on the NEO smart asset contract through the vast developer community to serve For more users.n
Deep brain chain is a well-known investment by a number of investment institutions invest in artificial intelligence projects. For the past five years or so, the core technology team of ShenBaoChan has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence. It is one of the earliest teams in the field of natural language processing (NLP) in China and has accumulated tens of millions of users. Since 2014, team members have been exposed to bitcoin and blockchain, and have accumulated rich experience in the field of artificial intelligence and have a deep understanding of the pain points in the industry. Artificial Intelligence includes three blocks: algorithms, calculations, data. As artificial intelligence encounters some bottlenecks and problems in its continuous development, it needs to be solved in time. Some core concepts in the blockchain, such as smart contracts, are found to be decent enough to solve these problems.n
Deep brain chain team believes that to block or chain technology to transform or enhance the underlying needs of the overall artificial intelligence industry, we must first have a good understanding of the common problems in the AI ​​industry, and in-depth study of artificial intelligence technology; secondly, need to understand the area Blockchain core ideas and cryptography-related technology; What is the combination of cryptography, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger, cloud computing technology and find the path to problem solving, this is actually a very difficult thing. Deep brain team is working hard to achieve this vision.n
It is understood that the NEO platform will work in conjunction with the deep brain chain to deeply cooperate in the promotion of projects, developer sharing in the core community, promotion of overseas communities, etc., and apply the technical value of the blockchain to more applications and scenarios. Deep Brain Chain, which has been active in various blockchain investor communities in the country, received in-depth attention from media, institutional investors, individual investors and community developers.n
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