Net Element established a business unit specializing in blockchain technology

nComment: In recent years NetEase, a fast-growing global financial technology company, announced the formation of a business unit focused on blockchain technology to unite Bunker Capital in this emerging field to develop and deploy innovative solutions for the payments industry. While this new venture is accompanied by risks and uncertainties, Net Element will be brave enough to explore and find the best way to use this new technology.n
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Net Element is a global financial technology company that offers value-added solutions that support electronic payments in omni-channel environments across point-of-sale. It announced on December 20 its business unit focused on blockchain.n
The new business unit is expected to be a decentralized encryption ecosystem that functions as a framework for countless value-added services that directly leverage blockchain technology to connect merchants and consumers while increasing the economics of all transactions within the ecosystem. Net Element has partnered with Bunker Capital to develop and deploy blockchain technology solutions.n
In addition, this blockchain-focused business unit is looking for and investing in special projects – with an excellent development team, a strong foundation and a large market, combining blockchain technology with real-world applications that undermine the payment processing industry , To make it decentralized.n
According to CoinMarketCap, the total market value of cryptocurrencies in 2017 has grown from $ 17.7 billion to over $ 600 billion, indicating an increasing interest in using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.n
Net Element CEO Oleg Firer commented: “We believe that we are about to embark on a new revolution and more digital payment methods will emerge.” As a NASDAQ-listed company, our move to introduce blockchain will be Our investors increase transparency and compliance assurance and deploy value-added services to more than 20 million e-commerce customers who are currently part of NetEther’s growing network. “n
Remy Jacobson, chairman and chief executive officer of Bunker Capital, said:n
n”Bunker Capital looks forward to working with Net Element’s outstanding team to develop new blockchain solutions for the payment services industry.”n
About Bunker Capitaln
Bunker Capital is an industry leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency, providing ICO preparation, promotion and marketing services. The company’s senior staff are experts from the blockchain, cryptocurrency, mining, software development and investment banking sectors.n
About Net Elementn
Net Element operates a “pay-as-you-go” transaction and value-added service platform for U.S. SMEs and some emerging markets. In the United States, its goal is to increase transaction revenue through innovative productivity services for small and medium-sized businesses, such as Aptito, a cloud-based restaurant and retail point-of-sale solution. Internationally, its strategy is to utilize a omnichannel platform to provide flexible services to emerging markets such as UAE, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, which are different in their environment. The company was named one of the fastest-growing technology companies by the South Florida Business Journal in 2016.n

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