NetDepot started to accept bitcoin payments

NetDepot started to accept bitcoin payments, a rapid rise of the server vendors, all transactions it now offers a service, have to accept bitcoin payment.

Many companies advanced server and cloud servers are provided by NetDepot, using its powerful data center, to provide users with the best service. The company has a history of more than 20 years, without any external debt. It is definitely the best choice for you. Rodney chairman D. Giles said: bitcoin is a revolution, is a kind of virtual currency fully accept our The user needs to bitcoin, we realize their aspirations.” they are in Atlanta and Dallas, there have been a large scale. Recently they want to expand the scale of development, they want to expand to the city such as New York, Chicago etc..

Today, the company introduced a new payment bitcoin payment, bitcoin payment now and visa, MasterCard and other. The company joined the encryption currency, bitcoin will also bring about a new industry.

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