New progress has raised $2 billion in PRESSone Li Xiaolai’s new book will be the first DAPP

The content of the ownership, management and tracking is the era of Internet content has been mentioned but difficult to solve the problem, the blockchain after the rise, the market turn hope characteristic block chain open and not tampered with to solve this problem.

PRESSone is a distributed network construction block chain technology, digital content transaction based on CEO is proposed and personally served as the brainchild of Li Xiaolai, the Internet KOL and CTO respectively as Huo Ju Ciccio and COO, in a recent public speech, Li Xiaolai said: “this is what I do for the project”.

PRESSone was pushed in the teeth of the storm, however, when the “94” storm, were all qingtui, after 18 years of low-key restart, the voice of the market on the PRESSone has a lot of weak.

Over the past year, PRESSone returned to our vision with technical progress and new vision, and Li Xiaolai also recently received hot “self-study is a craft” Ptyhon programming primer combination, develop an interactive learning Dapp, in Odaily, the daily planet for an exclusive interview with PRESSone COO for Ciccio. Content arrangement:

To the application layer protocol of PRESSone

In 2017 PRESSone’s vision was to create “a chain of EOS block chain distribution of public infrastructure based on the contents of people here can create a variety of decentralized applications based on content, such as forum, blog, Wiki, micro-blog, live video etc.”.

After the restart, PRESSone turned to the application layer protocol is a protocol based on MIXIN chain. Developer oriented block chain development, the need for study and research in cryptography, security and other fields, and the application layer protocol is a bridge between the public and developers of Dapp chain, PRESSone protocol to provide API or Dapp based development package, developers can more easily achieve development block chain application.

So you can understand the PRESSone is a decentralized digital content trading and distribution network, the core part is a set of digital content for block chain related business and special packaging API, is a kind of intelligent contract scripting language that is specially designed based on the API, can connect the consensus layer and transaction network, and allows access to all kinds of Dapp, the whole series constitute a complete PRS architecture.

 Have new progress in raising $200 million PRESSone: Li Xiaolai's book will be the first DAPP

(PRS Architecture)

COO PRESSone hopes to use the Ciccio introduced the technical characteristics of the blockchain content ownership is difficult to solve all kinds of problems, high transaction costs, low transaction efficiency of digital content industry will face, thus the relationship between further in the content industry to reshape the content producers, sellers and consumers as well as the role of the parties.

Through the authentication of users active, complete digital content right, users put their articles right at the top, cover the time stamp, the formation of the digital signature, so as to prove that “I am”. Although it can not prevent plagiarism, but according to the data of the Internet has admitted the court on the chain, can be used as evidence of rights.

Secondly, as long as the content producers to give his work associated with a contract, transactions can automatically calculate how much to pay, automatic completion of settlement and transfer, and then according to the contract code automatically executes the transaction itself. At the same time, the contract information and transaction history are stored in the chain, so the existence of works contracts, whether the contract is executed correctly verification can be traced. An article is allowed to purchase commercial authorization, authorization, whether have reproduced purchase contract authorization, have become the chain traceability data can not be changed.

Each PRS is a contract can be executed by the computer code for encoding of the parties to the agreement clearly how to allocate the responsibility, obligation, value. The PRS contract can be traditionally reproduced, point praise such acts into “distribution”, the emergence of new profit and the author according to the contract into. Adaptation, derivative and translation content of re creation, can develop new authorization and cooperation mode, each contributor works on the chain can be used to PRS contract agreed how to solve the distribution of income, but there may be divided into opaque problems in the traditional sense.

On the other hand, the application layer protocol based on, developers can create their own Dapp, rich in PRS network products, tools and services. This year PRESSone launched Ciccio introduced some promotion and application developer relations scene, hoping to attract more developers to join in.

This year the application protocol PRESSone team will develop 1-2 and online education related to Dapp based on Li Xiaolai was recently hot, boarded the Github trend list first introductory programming book “self-study is a craft” as an example, the user can learn this book on the Dapp, and interact with the content.

“Self learning system based on chain block”

Most people want to self programming, finally stuck in the first ring — in their machine to deploy a can let oneself write code to run up the environment. But if there is a platform that can support the reader programming materials on the web browser at the same time, but also can directly modify the code in the book and run to see the results, so the reader can complete the process of practice in the learning process, interact with books, a better grasp of knowledge.

This is the new PRESSone Dapp this year to do. The user can interact with the learning contents in the Dapp, the reading is not just reading, but also can help improve the practice, even the contents of the book, these will be recorded completely in the chain, as a learning document.

In this interactive education platform to publish content also have certain writing norms and screening mechanism, may also make certain tasks for completion. Vote selected high quality content in multiple tasks in the content producers, and provides a token bonus.

Project development

For the realization of content distribution and solve the difficult problem of ownership, contract with the PRS smart encoding “of the parties to the agreement duty, and how to distribute the value, transparency, traceability, support automatic settlement and delivery.

Payment, contract templates can be flexibly expanded, a number of contracts can be used in combination. The user can deal in different situations, formulate different pricing model, to achieve a variety of transactions may.

In addition, for the convenience of developers, also designed a DSL (domain specific language), as PRS contract interpreter, the language is now open, according to reports, ordinary users can also be developed through the contract.

The team, the PRESSone team Ciccio, a total of more than a dozen individuals, using the distributed office of globalization, mainly in Chinese and canada.

I’m Odaily the daily planet reporter Wu Suixin (micro signal wsuixin12), plus friends please note Name, unit, position and reason.

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