New York Bitcoin ISIS Terrorist Financing Case

nRunaway Commentary: The New York East District Attorney’s Office filed a public prosecution of Zoobia Shahnaz, a Long Island woman in New York, USA, including bank fraud, conspiracy to launder money and three money laundering cases. Apply for a credit card through fraudulent means for the online purchase of cryptocurrencies and finally remit abroad. The ultimate beneficiary is ISIS, which hides the identity, origin and destination of illegally acquired funds.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
A New York lady was sued for funding ISIS terrorist groups, prosecutors said in a case involving the purchase of cryptocurrencies by fraudulent credit cards.n
The New York East Attorney’s Office said three charges were filed against Zoobia Shahnaz on Long Island, New York, United States, including bank fraud, conspiracy to launder money and three money laundering cases.n
Although the indictment did not refer directly to Bitcoin, the office said in a press release that her remittances (totaling more than $ 150,000) came in part from fraudulently applied credit cards. These credit cards are used for the purchase of bitcoin and other unknown cryptocurrencies and are remitted to the bank for money laundering before they are remitted abroad.n
Some funds also come from loans made by fraud.n
nShahnaz used a deception trick for a dozen credit cards to buy about $ 62,000 in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies online and then took part in a financial activity that accumulated several wire transfers totaling more than $ 150,000 and the payee Including individuals and Pakistani and Turkish shell companies that ultimately benefit ISIS by avoiding transactional reporting requirements, hiding the identity, origin and destination of illegally acquired funds. “n
nCourt documents referred to four banks, American Express Bank, Chase Bank, Discover Bank and TD Bank, Shahnaz and an unidentified group of accomplices who used the banks to transfer funds abroad. After the deal was sent, Shahnaz was asked by law enforcement for trying to travel from New York to Syria.n
Based on the information available so far, it is unclear whether Shahnaz sent bitcoins abroad.n
Shahnaz will be sentenced to a maximum fine of 90 years if all charges are established.n

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