New York City civil servants were punished for digging special dollars with work equipment

nnnAn employee of the New York City Department of Education has been penalized for using the unit’s computer at night to run the counterweight mining software, although the EDB had previously had a similar situation, but given that the whistleblower did not seem to have a bit currency, Not punished. In view of the current heat of digital money, the emergence of this phenomenon is not surprising, and the future is also difficult to put an end.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAn employee of the New York City Department of Education was found to have been punished with the office computer.n
nAccording to a recent statement issued by the City of New York Conflicts of Interest Board, civil servant Vladimir Ilyayev admitted that he had been digging over a few weeks from March to April 2014. Bitcover mining is an energy-intensive process in which new transactions are added to the block chain and new bits are generated on each of the created blocks.n
nIt is said that Ilyayev installed mining software has been driving at night, he will monitor the progress at home.n
nNew York City Board of Education consultant Karen Antoine, chairman of the Conflict of Interest Council Richard Briffault and Ilyayev I signed the confirmation document wrote:n
nn”I started working on March 19, 2014, every day from 6 pm to 6 am the next day using the computer to run Bitcoal mining software until April 17, 2014 The software was closed by the EDB’s teaching and information technology department “n
nnThe committee penalized Ilyayev on the grounds that it violated city regulations and used city time and resources to make money, but he ended up paying only four days of paid annual leave – the equivalent of $ 611.n
nDisposal statement wrote:n
nn”After reviewing previous cases of misuse of city time and resource profitability, the Commission decided not to impose any additional penalties on it.”n
nnPublic records show that this is not the first time the New York City Board of Education staff to use the work equipment to dig Bitcoin.n
nA letter sent by the Conflict of Interest Committee in April 2015 indicates that a network engineer at the EDB is trying to use a working computer to run the mining software. But the engineer was not punished in the end because “there was no evidence that he had succeeded in getting a bit.”n
nIn January, a member of the Federal Reserve Board was fined $ 5,000 for using the Bank of America server to dig Bitcoin.n

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