New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST case, 8 Decimal View

 New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST case, 8 Decimal View

New York luxury apartments and resort real estate Raj STO instance

Author: Brian H. Hough & Wei Ran

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 New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST case, 8 Decimal View

Earlier this month, the New York Manhattan, a high-grade apartment property was successfully passes in the etheric workshop (tokenized). The Rachel Wolfson in the Forbes article, this milepost event represents the “first pass card is mainstream assets in Manhattan, the recent real estate valuation of more than 3 million dollars”. Hailun deal broker Ryan Serhant said he and Security Token chain block (ST) caused by the modern financial revolution is very exciting.

“The New York market is still strong, but want to sell a new building at reasonable prices still need to spend some time. The block chain passes on a certain extent, we can get rid of the huge pressure depends on traditional bank financing, which is a more healthy pattern for both projects party and all stakeholders. The card is open a new frontier for the development of real estate industry.” Ryan Serhant, Forbes

 New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST case, 8 Decimal View

Manhattan East Village 436 & 442 East 13 Street apartment, the first in the etheric Fang by passes the mainstream asset

In addition to New York, in Colorado, the St. Regis Aspen resort in the Indiegogo platform to raise the public issuance of real estate based on Security Token.

 New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST 8 Decimal View instance

The Aspen Digital Security Token

Aspen Digital is working to build a world real estate encryption and Aspen Coin by ecology, a high-grade asset endorsement, equity real estate investment trust value corresponding to the Coin Aspen of the ownership of the owner of the St. Regis resort.

The resort has 179 rooms, including luxury rooms and 25 square feet of 15000 Spa, and 14 a full set of configuration of the conference hall. The Rigi Hostellerie is located in the Rocky Mountains, the natural environment have a high quality of skiing and the longest snow season, including skiing World Cup, ESPN winter X game, and Aspen activities continue throughout the year wine delicacy Festival, festivals and activities of the rich, which stimulate the tourist accommodation demand.

 New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST case, 8 Decimal View

The St. Regis resort Aspen

In short, whether it is the Rigi Hostellerie tourism real estate, or the East Manhattan high-end apartments, all with the true value of quality assets.

As Indiegogo’s official website said, “in the past 1000, the ownership of most of the assets of the parties to the transaction are by signing contracts to manage the paper. Through the credit securities, a document will be token and token right holders, the carrier itself is the document. Token can trade like digital currency, and in the regulatory framework. “

Based on assets issued by ST and other assets issued by investment goods based on similar: its value by tangible assets as support. The underlying asset value can maintain the price of investment goods, reduce the encryption monetary price fluctuations.

As we in the relevant securities recently through card (ST) mentioned in the article, through securitization assets like securities can have the same compliance, on the other hand, provides the convenience of digital security. Debt financing is one of the examples, it can promote the application of digital assets in many vertical industries.

For example, Amiran Group trader New York real estate projects in Manhattan, has built a bridge for the world and the virtual world currency currency. Through the securitization of real estate, the project can also accept legal tender and digital currency investment, investors can receive money or digital currency denominated interest, which will improve the efficiency of liquidity and asset transfer of ownership. At present, the real estate group is working with the Fluidity (Fluidity is for market makers, distributors and other financial institutions through securitization transactions provide technical services company). In addition to teamed up with Fluidity, Amiran and Propellr in Securities LLC cooperation, promoting collaboration and encryption of the world world currency:

“Propellr Securities LLC Security Token technology through the docking platform (ST) to the seller and the buyer, even put interest into token. Propellr will be able to accept legal tender payment, and in Red D 506 (c) exemption under the terms of the sale of securities. Through the use of AirSwap include through securitization (Tokenizing), technology, a compliance level two market will appear. In other words, this will lead to the line, end to end, block chain transactions local assets become a reality. Crypto Tomorrow

In Chinese, there are attempts to block innovation chain and asset securitization combined with exploration. This year 6 month, the bank officially launched enrichment chain, which is the industry’s first investment bank to the whole process of asset securitization blockchain platform, is the essence of a bank, bank international, brokerage, rating agencies, accounting and law firms and other coalition chain. 9 months of this year, the central securities depository and clearing limited liability company headquarters in Shanghai to support successful profit 2018 1 MBS book building issue, the total size of 93.14 billion yuan. This is the first single bond market based on block chain technology credit asset securitization.

Make profit in 2018 the first phase of personal housing mortgage loan securitization transaction structure

Study on the digital currency of the people’s Bank of Chinese director Yao Qian in the “innovative design and application of” asset securitization blockchain platform, introduced a financial asset exchange asset securitization products based on the development and design of a block chain based on information disclosure platform.

The application of a compliance coinless blockchain on asset securitization, will have the following characteristics:

– the alliance chain at the bottom of the technical architecture, supported by all the parties in the license to join.

According to the hierarchical structure of the underlying asset – the design of the corresponding data structure books classification.

The demand according to information disclosure, to support the complete data from upper layer entity assets in the end product information modeling.

In the data storage, the structured data in the block chain books recorded directly, the file data stored in the IPFS (Inter PlanetaryFile System), ensure the data security of trusted DLT books.

– from the external data interoperability, data from the core of the invoice, the IRS VAT invoice check platform as an external trusted data source, the cross validation of the invoice information.

Visible, slightly different from the United States, China’s securitization is mainly the blockchain + coinless chain alliance dominated by traditional financial institutions. The central bank tried to use the RegTech Financial Institute of technology, the main purpose is to solve the small and medium-sized enterprise asset securitization underlying information real penetration problem.

The rapid development of the market through the card to facilitate cross-border transactions

 New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST case, 8 Decimal View

Propy.Inc., a California based block chain of real estate trading platform, in January 2018, Propy announced they will be through a Vermont in real estate, real estate chain own test block storage system.

Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva is a pioneer in the field of real estate securitization through the. She pointed out that information brokered and cross-border transactions reached facing many pain points, including complexity and payment issues of language and culture, and many of the third party is the intermediary transaction process becomes very lengthy. The card in her hot Vermont home, she imagined a nomiddlemen real estate market.

“We are looking for people who hope to cross-border transactions of real estate companies and individuals can become the primary audience of our token. Cross-border real estate transaction is an annual turnover of $340 billion and the growth rate of development of the market 13%. Propy hopes to promote the healthy development of the market. Natalia Karayaneva, Hackernoon.

Propellr CEO Todd M. Lippiatt also suggested that although the JOBS bill has reduced private securities transactions, but when the convenience of private securities transactions to achieve standardization of public offering of securities is not known. One possible solution is to “Two Token Waterfall”, Todd M. Lippiatt and Michael Oved introduced the principle of this model in a white paper.

Private securities, such as real estate contracts, usually refers to people who want to hold the payment of principal and interest, but not cash assets. In the secondary market trading behavior despite interest in, but is not frequent, but the process is very complicated, usually occurs in the price is far lower than the net assets. While the pass card solutions, is expected to allow the transfer of the ownership of more convenient, reduce trade friction and build a more liquid market.

 New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST case, 8 Decimal View

In “Two Token Waterfall” white paper, Lippiatt and Oved explain the private securities, such as 30 million of the value of real estate in Manhattan, is how to pass through the card to upgrade the efficiency of multi right transfer, improve market liquidity.

Case study: Aspen STO of the St. Regis Resort

Aspen REIT, Inc. Aspen is the St. Regis resort investment, a real estate investment trust. Aspen REIT in a year ago to apply for SEC IPO, plans to price of $20 per share on the NYSE issue 1675000 shares. However, the management chose STO instead of IPO.

According to CNN reports, Raj Aspen hotel owner, Asset Management Co Elevated Returns announced in October, qualified investors has launched a Indiegogo platform in the STO activity in equity subscription $18 million worth of Aspen Coin.

Each Aspen represents a Coin consisting of a single asset of real estate investment trust (REIT) ownership share, and this part of REIT STO is owned by the St. Regis Hotel passes Aspen shares ($18 million). The securities issued by SEC regulation, according to the Reg D 506 (c) requirement: only qualified investors can participate in the Aspen Coin subscription.

Source: Krypital Group transaction structure

Investors can buy a Aspen Coin in Templum Market trading platform, and any support in the ERC-20 Card Wallet (including the Aspen web store ST wallet). Templum Markets is also Aspen Coin issuance and trading platform, it is a company in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the financial industry regulatory authority (FINRA) registered financial technology companies and broker dealers. Templum Markets is the offbeat asset trading (ATS) system operators, used to be characterized as a digital asset securities market two.

 The high-grade apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort property, 8 Decimal View ST instance

STO with a publicly traded real estate investment trusts REITs, allow investors to have (high quality) a small part of the assets (fractional owenership), but the cost of issue, publicly listed REITs setup cost, the investment threshold and the cost of tax revenue will be higher, so people may turn to STO mode. However, the gold chain research institute also pointed out that krypton block, in the aspect of information disclosure, voting rights, dividend distribution, lock up period, whether STO was superior to REITs yet.

Inclusive Finance, lower investment threshold

When the block chain technology into the mainstream, the implant intelligent contract assets through securitization will form a new good.

 New York luxury apartments and the St. Regis Aspen resort real estate ST case, 8 Decimal View

We pointed out in the article “blockchain third wave” series, in the process of digital transformation of finance, the three wave. The first wave with the transfer of payment, the two wave with equity financing, and with the three wave of the assets through securitization (Tokenization) and STO (Security Token Offer) will bring more potential.

Anthony Ponpliano in his article “The Official Guide to Tokenized Securities” emphasizes several key advantages of ST contract:

1. remove unnecessary middlemen to reduce costs

To enhance efficiency of 2. deal

Open up the world market for 3. potential investors

4. the software enables the service provider (such as lawyers) automation

5. promote inclusive finance, reduce financial monopoly and corruption

Amiran Group, the Manhattan real estate project broker pointed out that through securitization real estate not only has historical significance for the company, for the entire industry is also a landmark event. The most interesting point of this case lies in its revolutionary idea, block chain based approach to reduce people’s investment grade assets threshold.

David Karliuki of Crypto Tomorrow said: “through securitization is a new mode, the value of the property will be a digital asset bearing, which represents the” smaller trading friction “digital assets can be distributed to different investors. Property owners can to fund-raising through the sale of token to different people, and don’t need to take the whole property to a person.”

Both the core concerns of real estate sellers is “time” and “capital”. In the traditional high-end asset trading, it is hard to collect enough capital to buy assets, two is the appreciation of the assets need time, these factors have limited the sale of high-grade assets. And through the securitization assets of both worlds have opened up new opportunities. Through the cards not only allow more people to invest in real estate, people can also enjoy the appreciation of the assets held by token dividend rights, even token in exchange for sale to profit.

From the Aspen resort to high-end apartments in Manhattan, the application block chain technology in the real estate market is accelerating. The block chain infrastructure construction contract layer, a new dimension of the birth of catalytic technology is under.

Eight dimensional capital is promoting this new field of growth, expected real estate passes and Security Token for the future financial, commercial and social empowerment.

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