New York stock exchange chairman said that bitcoin will survive

The NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) chairman Jeff Sprecher (Jeff Sprecher) said that he believes bitcoin currency will continue to exist in the future and encryption. In response to the “digital assets can survive?”, he clearly said, “.”

Need to rest assured

Yesterday, media sources said, Allianz (Allianz) provide a guarantee of the chief economic adviser for the long-term development of the bitcoin market, the New York stock exchange chairman Sprey Che to support him in a meeting.

He asked about the price of bitcoin issued the statement from the high of last year fell 80% issues in the consensus meeting. On the contrary, he also mentioned a bigger problem raised by opponents, the future survival of the currency is encrypted.

After a clear affirmative answer to the above question, he added, as the exchange operator, our goal is not to pay attention to the price.

Bitcoin in difficult life

He then said, although not the best technology, but bitcoin may still become the base currency of digital assets.

He explained: bitcoin has been suffering in life, and to survive, of course you can say, there are thousands of other currencies but better than bitcoin, bitcoin still continues this, and use it to thrive to attract people’s attention.

He will bitcoin likened the Dow Jones index, the Dow Jones index does not represent the economy very well, but is still the most commonly used economic indicators. He says:

In the financial sector, is often not the best, but the most widely accepted, no matter what the reason, bitcoin has become the best.

Vested interest

Of course, he is also the New York stock exchange parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) ceo. ICE is the key to investors is Bakkt bitcoin futures platform expected, Mr sprecher’s wife is the chief executive officer of Bakkt. Therefore, he saw the future of bitcoin is that, it is not surprising.

Therefore, let us use Fundstrat Global co-founder Tom Lee (Tom Lee) some data to support this statement. He said on twitter, bitcoin wallet has increased from $5 million to $about 5000000000. At present, the amount of bitcoin institutional investors holding more than 4%, bitcoin is becoming an asset class.

As Tom Lee said, “bitcoin did not collapse.”

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