New Zealand closed multiple encryption currency trading platform domain

 New Zealand closed multiple encryption currency trading platform domain

Wex currency trading platform digital domain recently by the New Zealand government shut down New Zealand domain management committee said wex using false contact at the time of registration, the violation of the relevant laws and regulations in new zealand.

 New Zealand closed multiple encryption currency trading platform domain has been unable to login

This is not the first time the New Zealand government closed encryption currency trading platform of the domain name, before, New Zealand domain management committee has been shutting down the,,, and encryption currency trading platform domain.

What is the cause of New Zealand regulators received a large number of related domain complaints, investigation after regulators for each domain name registration details, in a report released 11 month 19 day, regulators said several domain names using false contact information at the time of registration. The regulator said registered contact effectively is a prerequisite for all the.Nz domain name came into effect, the regulators also said “New Zealand domain management committee to verify the accuracy of the domain name”.Nz Principles and Responsibilities policy according to the “rules for the domain name, resort to deceit forced closure. The Committee hopes the.Nz domain name is safe and reliable.”

Although the New Zealand government in order to avoid the potential risk of the closure of the domain, but also make a lot of time to withdraw funds invested nearly losses, this New Zealand domain name registry has been informed of any close closed domain name investors, if suspected of fraud and criminal behavior, can contact with law enforcement agencies. At the same time, investors can also submit their report to the loss of one of the country’s name “Netsafe”, Netsafe is a third party organization, is committed to providing security for the country’s Internet users in the network environment.

In fact, New Zealand intends to adopt digital currency trading means has long tracked, New Zealand financial regulatory agency (FMA) released a report in 10 months of this year, said the report will strengthen the digital currency industry regulation, for non-compliance of financial companies will carry out strict management, and emphasizing the drawbacks bitcoin and other encryption currency linked investment products to New Zealand residents.

There is an interesting thing is that in early October this year, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced some use of her image as a digital currency false propaganda Facebook advertising, these false information also claimed that the New Zealand Treasury invested half income in bitcoin, perhaps this is also one of the reasons for the low New Zealand Digital currency tolerance.

The domain was also closed due to Russia’s media attention, Wex digital currency trading platform is considered to have been seized of the digital currency exchange successor to BTC-e, BTC-e is considered to be the earliest Russian currency exchange encryption. In July 2017 BTC-e Alexander Vinnik senior Russian involvement in money laundering and the alleged attack on Mt Gox exchange by the United States government arrested, seized the BTC-E website. The platform in the middle of September 2017 in the name of Wex is back online, the registration status of singapore.

According to Russian media reports Bitsmedia in New Zealand was closed after the domain name, has registered a new domain name, please use our mirror “trading platform on its official twitter wrote, this is also the wex in recent months for a few more push, so a user in reply the new domain name on the wex line news wrote” thank God, for at least 3 months after you came back, in fact since the summer of the platform administrator seems very quiet, but on the contrary, users continue to complain of not being able to withdraw money from the platform, the platform also provides only XMR and ZEC withdrawals, but their liquidity is very low.

Since August this year, more than wex users against fraud complaints, loss of the user by creating a website and the telegraph group sharing information with each other, according to a post in October 21, 35 people have put forward the request to the Russian Ministry of internal affairs, requirements of criminal investigation of wex.

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