Ninth Strait Forum: Walton Chain Project Team Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Taiwan Cloud Association

nThe rapid development of the Internet of Things has led to a variety of data environment, driven by the advent of large data age. 19, the cross-strait large data industry development and cooperation seminar held in Xiamen. This forum is one of the forums of the 2017 Straits Science and Technology Expert Forum, which aims to promote the exchange and cooperation of Fujian and Taiwan Internet of Things industry, conform to the development trend and direction of Internet of Things, and build a new platform to boost economic development. At the symposium, the Walton Chain Project Group signed the “Walton Chain Project Marketing Strategy Cooperation Agreement” with the Taiwan Cloud Association. The cooperation between the two sides will further lead the industry to develop new formats and promote the cooperation of the information industry in Fujian and Taiwan Internet of Things on the development of large data on both sides of the new and intelligent city building an important foundation.n
nWalton chain project team first mention “value of things” concept, the Internet of things and block chain technology depth integration. The Taiwan Cloud Association is committed to solving the problems and challenges encountered in the use of cloud computing in various industries. It includes services such as privacy and security issues, regulations and regulations, business models, service levels, and so on. Through cloud computing, For the public users rely on the Internet heterogeneous, autonomous services on demand to take the calculation. The strategic cooperation reached not only can realize the international, innovation, openness and diversity of technical exchange, but also play a key role in the subsequent marketing and operation management of the Walton chain project. Promote the development of cross-strait communications, cross-strait in communication technology, Internet of things, large data and other aspects of academic exchanges and cooperation, but also to attract more business innovation, cooperation landing, industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.n

nIn this event, Prof. Zhu Yanping, Senior Advisor of the Walton Chain Project, made a thematic report on the “Chain Chain Charm” at the meeting. Through the centering, security and confidentiality of the block chain technology, Timely processing of error information and other unique advantages of the elaboration, through the development trend of large data industrialization, to further explore how to combine the large data industry in the collaborative innovation advantage break break integration. Professor Zhu Yanping also said that Walton chain in the chain of chain integration of value networking technology and application of rapid development, and Taiwan’s information industry has a solid foundation, especially in chip manufacturing to maintain the leading edge technology, the two sides should join hands, Complement each other, and jointly promote the mining of large data and applied research.n
nWalton chain as a social backbone to promote the development of economic and social information in Xiamen City, to promote cross-strait information technology education and training to promote cross-strait wisdom of the city and the cause of information technology continued, healthy and rapid development play an active role. “In the field of cloud computing, the Taiwan Cloud Association has a mature technology base, rich market resources and other advantages, the Walton chain project team hopes to” complement each other, “said Mr. Lin and Rui, the core member of the Chinese team in the contract. Cooperation and win – win “strategic cooperation concept for the cross – strait economic development, cultural integration, sharing of resources, mutual benefit and win – win efforts to achieve the construction of cross – strait wisdom of the city as soon as possible for the people on both sides to build a more economic and intelligent living environment!n

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