“No investment”: Internet Archive indicates the reason for holding a bit currency

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nnnTrap: Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library dedicated to providing “open access to all knowledge”. The organization has been receiving royal donations since 2012, but it has not immediately redeemed its royal currency for money, but has tried to find ways to use them. Recently, Internet Archive in a blog post publicly stated why it accepted and held the reason why it received donations. At the same time, the organization said that this is not an investment, but in an open way to test technology.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe Nonprofit Digital Library, which is dedicated to providing “open access to all knowledge”, explains why it accepts and holds not paying for the donations it receives.n
nIn a recent blog post, the organization made it clear that it incorporated the encrypted currency into the balance sheet (and other donations, including zcash), “a fresh organization that is experimenting with this innovative Internet technology Examples. “n
nBowen wrote:n
nn”Internet Archive has studied the way that Bitcoin and other Internet innovations can help in the nonprofit sector – which is part of what we want to know how to use donated bits of money in addition to clearing out. To do these studies in public, so that other organizations can learn from our lessons, and that’s interesting. “n
nnAs a nonprofit organization, Internet Archive has been receiving royal currency contributions since 2012 and has been providing digital assets to its employees as a pay option since 2013. Internet businesses around the Office of the Internet Archive are also encouraged to accept the currency – and some success.n
nHowever, the Internet Archive did not immediately convert the royal currency to its currency, but instead sought to use the donations.n
nThe organization says, “What we’re doing is trying to ‘do things’ and try to understand how Bitcoin works for a nonprofit organization, which is not an investment for us, but an open way to test the technology “n

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