Nobel Prize in the hope of Professor Zhang Shou-sheng investment based on the prediction of quantum chain market project Bodhi (Bodhi)


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Presumably we have recently been published in the American Science magazine called “Angel particles” of the major scientific research found scraper. And led the team to find chiral Majorana fermions and named it “angel particles” is Professor Zhang Shou Sheng. American Stanford University Chinese scientist Zhang Shousheng and others on the 20th in the United States, “Science” magazine reported that they first discovered the existence of evidence of the Mayorana fermions. This major finding solves the problem of 80 years of troubled quantum physics, which is also important for quantum computing. The following is the personal profile of Professor Zhang Shou Sheng, we see the wonderful:n
nnShou-Cheng Zhang, Han Chinese, American Chinese scientist, was born in Shanghai in 1963. Stanford University Department of Physics, Department of Electronic Engineering and Applied Physics.n
nIn 2007, Zhang Jisheng found that the “quantum spin Hall effect” was “science” magazine as the year “one of the world’s top ten major scientific breakthrough” one. Based on his groundbreaking research on topological insulators and quantum spin Hall effects, Zhang Shou Sheng has embraced all heavyweight awards in the physical world, including the European Physics Prize, the American Physical Society Barclays Award, the International Center for Theoretical Physics Dirac, Basic Physics Award and Franklin Medal.n
nIn 2009, Zhang Shou Sheng selected “thousands of people plan”, and Tsinghua University as a professor, began to serve the motherland. Zhang Jisheng is a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013. He is the disciple of Yang Zhenning. July 21, 2017, the University of California, Los Angeles, Chinese scientist Wang Kanglong, Stanford University Chinese scientist Zhang Shou Sheng, Shanghai University of Science and Technology Professor Kou Xufeng and other teamwork in the “Science” magazine published a major discovery: in the entire physics school after 80 After the discovery of the year, they finally found the existence of chiral Mayorana fermions. Zhang Jisheng named it “angel particles”.n
nnProfessor Zhang is well-known in many fields.n
nIn the academic field, he is a famous physicist, Stanford University tenured professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences foreign academician, American Academy of Sciences. Professor Yang Zhenning evaluation of his “Nobel Prize is only a matter of time.”n
nIn the field of business, Professor Zhang is Silicon Valley well-known venture capital firm Dahua Capital’s founding chairman.n
nSo that comes with light-emitting characteristics of the cattle professor, and from the Silicon Valley of the Chinese founder of the chain chain company – Bodhi, what kind of association? Please listen to Xiaobian slowly Road to:n
nBefore talking about Bodhi, there is a block chain project called Quantum Chain.n

nThe quantum chain is a third-block chain ecosystem outside of the QTM open source community and the third zone chain ecosystem outside the etherfloft to expand the application boundaries and technical boundaries of the block chain technology. In Qtum’s system, information can be achieved through value transfer protocol (Value Transfer Protocol) to achieve point-to-point value transfer, and according to this agreement, to build a support to the center of the application development platform (DAPP Platform). Quantum chain CTO Shuai early is graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. computer, worked at Alibaba. He is an early participant and promoter of the China Chain Chain Community, with a total of 10,000 posts and a development handbook of “Building Own Chains from 0 to 1”.n
nQuantum chain in the chain chain technology and philosophy carried out a series of innovations: including UTXO-based privacy protection intelligent contract model, for the public chain and alliance chain consensus mechanism, transaction books and intelligent contract books separation, easy external supervision Data source into the master contract Oracle and Data Feed design and implementation. It can be said that the quantum chain combines the bit coins, the advantages of the previous visit, and the two can be compatible.n
nBodhi, as a new force in the chain chain industry, combines the strengths of Augur and Gnosis to build a center-based predictive market based in China. Bodhi (Bodhi) will first be deployed on the quantum chain. Quantum chains combine the advantages of Bitcoin and Ethernet to provide a more high-quality user experience on mobile phones.n

nDanhua Capital is one of the few Silicon Valley in the very early began to focus on the block chain and ICO VC. Bodhi in science and technology innovation and Danhua Capital focused on investing in the United States the most subversive innovation technology and business model, connecting the US innovation and investment strategy in the Chinese market fit. Danhua Capital currently invests in dozens of technology companies, including Brave, a JavaScript inventor, who currently distributes tokens BAT through ICO.n
nProfessor Zhang Shou-sheng in the Bodhi team in-depth communication, see the Chinese block chain market in the ascendant great potential, and highly recognized the team’s technical strength, and to predict the market for future social information management and public decision-making subversive role.n
nRecently, Danhua Capital officially decided to invest in the Bodhi team, Bodhi is Professor Zhang personally as the project consultant’s first project. For more information on the project, please add Bodhi official community manager micro lettern
nBodhi official community manager micro letter: LittleLionCryingn

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