North Korea can actually use bitcoin?

North Korea can actually use bitcoin?

North Korea has been given the impression that closed, mysterious, but in the field, a lot of things that we don’t know. For example, you can use bitcoin, but also such as the rise of the electricity supplier, Internet business and so on.

1, bitcoin has penetrated into North Korea


In January 2014, a Reddit (a social news site in the United States) anonymous users during a visit to Pyongyang, made the first known Korean bitcoin transactions — transfer $100 donation to the charity Sean’s Outpost bitcoin. It is reported that the users in Korea during the trip, gave some notes and some mBTC to the Korean tour. (Note: 1BTC as a standard unit of measurement, bitcoin and 1mBTC is the 1BTC value of 1/1000. )

In addition, in 2015, the North Korean capital of Pyongyang has a bar and two restaurants listed on, which supports bitcoin applications. Visible, although North Korea remains a strong fortress for most things, but now the situation is not the same, P2P currency bitcoin this dispersion is likely to enter North korea.

2, the Internet and Internet users in Korea


In North Korea, although most people did not, but there are still countries North Korea — “Guangming lan”. Guangming opened in 2000, contains a search engine, e-mail, news pages and a browser for free access. But due to the purchase of computer are expensive and need to obtain government permission, so the Korean people have computer less and less, the real access to the Internet are the North Korean political leaders and their relatives, the elite college students, and members of the Korean Cyber Army, all the people together but also thousands of people.

In addition, according to The Associated Press, the beginning of 2008, mobile phone in Korea began to spread, especially in Pyongyang. As of 2013, the Korean general mobile phone and intelligent mobile phone users about 2 million people. North Korea communication company has provided mobile phone Internet service, users can browse the number of North Korean websites, including the Korean labor party organ “Labor News” and the Korean Central News agency.

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