Norway cancel the miners price subsidies, Sweden or Norway miners become new heights

 Norway cancel the miners price subsidies, Sweden or Norway miners become new heights

According to foreign media reports, a Swedish local data center is expected in Norway on the abolition of government power tax concession after mining, the miners will set off a wave of exit tide, leaving Norway miners will migrate to sweden .

In November 21st, Forbes reported that Norway in the national budget agreement, cancel the bitcoin miners electricity subsidies. This means that from the beginning of January 2019, operating in Norway miners will pay nearly $0.019 / kWh (kWh) costs, and the current price is only $0.0056 / kWh, the new regulations will make the miners cost doubled.

In addition to small miners, this decision in Norway has also affected many mining enterprises, reported that the mainland has also been a corresponding impact bit.

“The government’s policy is to mining industry out of Norway,” Norway, bit company owner Julie Hvideberg said, “we are a global company, can be moved to Sweden or Denmark, but our partners in Norway lost a big contract.”

From the geographical point of view, Sweden and Norway adjacent to the urgent need for the migration of miners, there is a certain distance advantage. The Swedish data center data shows that Sweden can provide cost only $0.0055 / kWh. This price is far lower than the subsidy canceled after Norway mining cost.

At the same time, the Swedish Bolden city (Boden) are actively recruiting miners admission.

At present, the city has about 10 Bolden crypto currency mining enterprises, Bolden (Boden Business Agency) business director Erik Svensson predicted that, with the mining companies to move out of Norway, the number of local miners will soon grow bolden.

“Obviously… We (Sweden) becomes very attractive, this is a large sum of money, which makes the mining cost cheap (Norway).”

When asked whether he will take the initiative to contact the Norway miners, Erik Svensson said: “I think the Norway miners are initiative to contact us, they know where we are.”

Erik Svensson believes that the admission of mining enterprises, will also bring great benefits to the local bolden. At the same time, the municipal government is building a commercial Bolden Borden Park, which will create hundreds of jobs.

It is worth mentioning that the relatively well-off of Swedish local encryption monetary policy. To speed up the realization of cashless society, the day before, the Swedish central bank will also pilot the national legal encryption currency E-Krona. This program will be piloted in E-Krona in 2019, and in 2021 to achieve the actual circulation.

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