“November 27th market analysis” bitcoin market shock consolidation, short-term downward dip

A market point of view:

The whole digital asset market a few days ago after a sharp decline after the recent days callback, but the adjustment is not big, the overall market is still slightly down today. After a brief pullback yesterday evening at 12:30 in the morning began to fall, down into, again fell below $120 billion, reached today relatively low of $117 billion 927 million, then rebounded immediately above the $120 billion shock. As to longer, market value of global digital assets reached $124 billion 972 million, compared to $131 billion 937 million yesterday fell 5.28%.

The trading volume, today the overall trading volume fell slightly yesterday. Along with the market fell yesterday evening, the market trading volume fell, then the rapid rebound, trading volume gradually enlarge; today the market within a narrow range, the overall trading volume further atrophy. The deadline received time today, 24 hours of trading volume of 188.52 billion dollars, compared to $196.50 billion yesterday fell 4.06%.

The flow of funds, capital inflows rose slightly today. Capital inflows, today ETC 24 hours of strong inflows of funds inflow of 3 billion 318 million yuan, ranking the first; DASH continue to inject funds, today a net inflow of funds 1 billion 397 million yuan; BTG capital inflows today declined slightly, 24 hours of inflow of funds 768 million yuan, ranked third; today XMR net inflow of funds has reached 275 million yuan, the remaining funds assets the amount of inflow of less than 100 million rmb. The outflow of funds, a total of 5 asset outflows of more than 100 million yuan, BTC for 24 hours today continue to flow, the outflow of funds 1 billion 715 million yuan, ranked first; ETH today continued outflow of funds, the net outflow of funds 846 million yuan for 24 hours; EOS and LTC followed, today outflows were 446 million yuan and 150 million yuan.

Message level, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in November 26th of Congress said: blockchain technology not only can be used in virtual currency, but also in the financial field, and used in various fields, block chain technology will improve the company’s productivity, improve the convenience and safety of various services; research firm Diar latest report bitcoin prices fell 20%, forcing miners to shut down equipment; although bitcoin prices plummeted, but the new crypto currency exchange Coinbase valuation reached $8 billion, which is located in San Francisco Tuesday announced $300 million financing.

The mood of the market level, according to Alternative.me statistics, today the market panic index was 11, performance is still extreme panic, panic increased compared to yesterday.

The overall market capitalization after the callback and dropping quickly pulled, but today the whole market still fell slightly. Affected by this, the market value of the top 100 most of today’s assets to decline trend. Today’s rising assets, GBC rose to the highest 24 hours, today rose 184.35%, but the trading volume is only $50 thousand. In addition, BCH bifurcation BCHSV currency today rose 14.28%, the overall market capitalization reached 19.67 billion, has been among the top 10 currency, currently ranked No. 7, beyond the market value of USDT to Stellar. Similarly, BCH today today also appeared 2.19% rise. Fall in assets, today a total of 12 assets fell more than 10%, SRN is today the largest decline, down 24 hours 43.19%, the trading volume of synchronous atrophy; MITH today also large declines, today fell 16.71%.

Two, the list of assets:

In the daily trading volume of more than $50 thousand in assets, today there are 2 assets rose more than 50%, but the trading volume is less than 100 thousand. Today, the highest increase the assets of PGT, 24 hours up to 10 times, but the trading volume is only $70 thousand, GBC today also rose as high as 167%, but the trading volume is only $50 thousand. Trading surplus assets or TOP10 in the amount of more than 1 million of the assets are UPP and PLC, today rose 33.45% and 26.38%, the 24 trading volume of $25 million 300 thousand and $2 million 200 thousand respectively.

Assets fell, today the overall rate of decline over the previous few days have eased markedly. Today ART is the largest decline, down 63.47% to 24 hours, but the trading volume is low; the remaining higher trading volume of assets in today’s INK fell 34.07%, the 24 hour trading volume reached $3 million 270 thousand.

Today’s trading volume fell slightly. The trading volume in the first 30 of assets have 12 assets rose, trading volume fell the remaining assets. Today, UPP trading volume rose as high as 99 times, 24 hour trading volume of $27 million 380 thousand, the price rose simultaneously 33.45%. Today’s BCH trading volume significantly enlarged, 24 hour trading volume doubled to $319 million. At the same time, BCHSV trading volume is also synchronous amplification, 24 hour trading volume rose 45.72%, market capitalization increased sharply, the top 10, currently ranked seventh. Decline in trading volume of assets, the overall decline.

In addition to BCH mainstream asset trading volume fell slightly different. Today, BTC trading volume of $6 billion 539 million, 24 hours of trading volume fell 1.79%; today XRP trading volume decreases more significantly, 24 hours of trading volume fell 16.05%.

Today, the overall market capitalization and trading volume fell slightly, the main currencies except BCH, the remaining assets are a certain rate of decline. BTC this morning dropping, a minimum of 3648 U.S. dollars, then the rapid rebound in shock at more than $3700 today, 24 hours fell 5.77%; BCH up volume today, 24 hours is up 2.19%. The remaining assets of today’s general decline of about 6%.

Analysis of three mainstream currency:

BTC yesterday once again fell 5.5%, down to break $4000 integer points, simply did not hit a new low. See the market is currently in the case of shocks from the figure, a rebound in the process of the rising wave is weak, and the adjustment time is insufficient, from the current trend, the market in the short-term rebound ready, there will continue to maintain the shock box, do not rule out further down the bottom of may. The rest of the money and the mainstream BTC trend is basically the same, in case the shock process, the medium-term trend is weak, the market will be short-term rebound shock or dip downward force storage.

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