Novice how to buy bitcoin (latest version)


How to speak before buying bitcoin brief the current domestic bitcoin trading platform which the large stable reliable

The first bit: International: bit international is bitcoin trading platform can only access the current domestic normal. Bit international was founded in 2013, the former is a bit, 2017 September renamed bit children international, across 130 countries and regions, digital currency transactions hundreds, many potential copycat coins, commonly known as “copycat coins of heaven”. A currency transaction and currency currency trading a trading area. Currency trading area is to provide recharge RMB trading, buying USDT in here can directly buy bitcoin currency. In addition, bit international their own chat rooms, every bitcoin traders can communicate in a chat room, chat and check the contents, to facilitate the timely and effective information about money ring. Bit international volume large, small, small short-term long-term, short-term and long-term are suitable for large large. International Registration bit can login to download mobile phone or APP client computer, can also use the web version. Bit international for novice veteran is a good bitcoin trading platform.

Second: Fire currency network: Fire currency network was established in May 2013, is a domestic bitcoin trading platform trading volume ranked second, 24 hours after the turnover exceeded 10 billion, ranked first in the currency. He has a currency trading area and coin trading area. Currency trading area can buy USDT to RMB, then USDT will be transferred to the coin trading area to buy bitcoin or other currencies. Before March of this year should be the bitcoin trading platform is the most popular, but after March, the fire coins network in order to obey the arrangement has been to the sea. The fire coins network has been unable to access the web version, but after registration you can download APP mobile phone or computer and mobile phone client, APP client computer can log the transaction. Also note that the mobile phone has two APP fire currency, a currency transaction is APP, a coin trading is APP, if you want to use the RMB transaction bitcoin you must download the two APP. For the novice, early may be more trouble.

Third: safety net currency: currency safety net is bitcoin trading platform for domestic the largest trading volume. But because the 3 month after he has been completely out, domestic users can not access the APP without a ladder, also can not download properly, he also no currency trading, need to turn to an order to trade currency coins to buy USDT by bit international legal tender area after the transaction. He is currently the user is mainly concentrated in the domestic and overseas, the current transaction log is not very convenient, is located here is simple with a.


There is a general understanding in the bitcoin trading platform, choose a feeling for their own platform registered to buy bitcoin.

The registration process is as follows: – trading account real name authentication — RMB — buy recharge bitcoin transactions

The fire coins network as an example to explain in detail the purchase transaction bitcoin process:

1, a registered fire currency network: invite_code=y8hh3?

Click on the top of the fire coin network registration link after registration

2, download the client login registration finished (mobile phone APP), be sure to download the APP client or mobile phone, or to the Internet to buy bitcoin transaction Science

Complete the registration login Login after download the client computer or mobile phone APP

3, Download finished, the client login, buy USDT in currency trading area and real name authentication at the same time:

Download the client, the client login again Into the real name authentication and currency trading area to buy USDT Your nickname and password settings Fill out the real information Orders to buy USDT To the other bank account transfer, remember note number Confirm receipt of payment after the release of USDT, and then transfer

4, in the coin trading area purchase transaction bitcoin digital currency or in fact

To buy bitcoin trading in the currency currency trading area

Finally, I am still here to explain what is USDT and what is the currency transaction. The novice may not be the solution;

USDT The name is: USDT Chinese TEDA is a digital currency, virtual currency of the United States Taida company issued, he issued a USDT each will be credited $1 in cash in the bank, as the currency reserves of teda. In the official website of TEDA can buy USDT to $1:1, so his value is basically constant, when the bitcoin market volatility can be bitcoin sold to USDT in order to avoid the risk, in the USDT and RMB properties similar to the life.

Currency trading In the international trading currency: bit is called the C2C transaction, also known as the transaction point. The so-called currency trading is a trading platform in order to buy or sell USDT, Alipay or by bank card transfer and transfer line, then click payment. After confirmation of receipt of the seller account, the system will automatically be transferred to the buyer USDT.

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