Now bitcoin, with the seventeenth Century tulip bubble, what are the similarities and differences?

I remember in 2017 April, my business English teacher in a class, the bitcoin to us, and we probably account bitcoin transactions, investment process.

Anyway, in the end, the teacher told us that bitcoin is very good, you can study well, do something about bitcoin financial transactions.

At that time not seriously, after class class forget. But wait until the 2017 year of 12 months of the end of the month, I hate myself, why is the 4 month time, not to buy bitcoin Zaguomaitie?

From the perspective of belated effort, the best time to buy bitcoin, in 2009, when bitcoin has just entered the market, you can buy a $1309.03 coins, even in 2010, 10 thousand bitcoin is only worth $30.

But so many people did not expect, and is shocked, in 2017, bitcoin prices again and again, until December 17, 2017, a bitcoin prices have been pushed up to 19891.99 dollars, nearly $20 thousand! Do not say to buy in 2009, even if it is to buy in 2017 earlier this year, it can also earn a ah.

While we are guessing, bitcoin prices will not exceed $20 thousand, and even to climb higher prices, the price of bitcoin again surprising, 2018 years has not been finished, bitcoin prices from nearly $20 thousand, fell below $4 thousand, soared, reaching more than 80%.

So many people say that bitcoin is the largest in the history of economic bubble. It will not have a bigger bubble do not know, but at least we have for the first time in human history, economic bubble records, seventeenth Century in Holland tulip bubble.

In 1593, a businessman in Holland will introduce Holland tulip, because the flowers are imported, good-looking, easy to make people love, it soon becomes the object of love the rich people.

Love is one thing, but you also can buy ah! In a very small number of cases, want to buy a tulip, you must come up with higher price than others. But people have psychological comparisons, who do not want to be more than others, so these wealthy people have bid up the price of tulips soon fired up.

In this case, speculators are also eyeing the tulip market. As long as the speculators get a tulip, he certainly can use a higher price to sell. Because at that time the rich people are proud to have a tulip, want to own the tulip number the better, so that you don’t have to worry about the tulip is sold.

In a large number of speculators into the case, the middle class, ordinary families, even the poor, are trying to enter the tulip market. They have no money never mind, can go to borrow money or sell ah, ah, no, a group of people gather together all the chips also.

So, the tulip prices rising, in 1634, a month of tulip prices can turn 20 times, in 1637, the tulip price compared to 1636, over 59 times! At that time, marriage is not to look at the house and car, mother-in-law see your hands have the tulip!

Bitcoin is the same thing, his price is artificially hyped up, prices are from great value. Tulips and bitcoin isn’t worth the money, but as long as there are people who think that they are worth, after prices soared, continue to influence continue to spread through the crowd, there will be new people think tulips and bitcoin is very valuable, then the price will rise.

The spread and influence between people, there will be more and more people believe that tulips or bitcoin is very valuable. Since that valuable, will rise, then what would you do? Of course, is to buy ah!

So, a lot of capital into the tulip market or bitcoin market, the rapid rise in the volume, the price will rise like a rocket. This is why, tulip, or is the price of bitcoin will have risen so far.

But the human mind is constantly changing, now feel valuable, does not mean that the future will feel. Plus the price is soaring is very serious, it can not help but suspect that these things really so valuable?

Once people begin to suspect that these things in the end when the value is not worth such a high price, he will consider whether or not to sell. A few people think so never mind, but if a lot of people think so, that’s embarrassing.

Also, some people never mind can sell, if a lot of people to sell, that something serious. Sell to buy. If no one is willing to buy, the seller and super want to sell, it will only reduce the price.

Similarly, a few people never mind a lot of people to reduce the price, reduce the price to sell, the market will cause panic. Under their influence, there will be more people thinking of selling in the hands of the tulip, or bitcoin into cash. After all the money this thing or just rest assured in their own hands.

When we are in the sale, the price will naturally decline. But if we are selling, not buying, well, the price will become the market slump, will a groaning.after.

The tulips and the bitcoin price rise, this is probably. When everyone thought they were worth, their prices are certainly rising. Once you begin to doubt their money, that their prices will fall. I think this is their same.

If you say that is different, the tulip is a reality, is tangible. While bitcoin is invisible, a pile of code is the use of computer software to calculate.

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