Now what bitcoin is a trend of what? Have a chance to return to $6000?

Bitcoin now is certainly a downward trend, the trend of personal feeling that it will be at least until the next year, it should be at least there will be a crash. Forget where to see someone once said bitcoin would be $1000 price, personal feeling is not impossible, may be even lower, why? Although about $1000 higher price point of $20 thousand looks down more than 90 per cent, but it is about 2010 of the $0.003 price increase is still hundreds of thousands of times.

From the increase in the number of consensus that the consensus number 8 years around the time of the increase is far behind the increase in multiples, and the difference is huge, so bitcoin future growth depends on the increase in the number of degree of consensus.

Have a chance to return to $6000?

From the value that is still in the concept stage, the practical application value is also very small, far did not reach the extensive value, the current price and the current value of some mismatch, a lower price is understandable. So, bitcoin future growth also depends on the application of block chain technology more landing (think block chain technology and digital currency is accompanied, who also cannot do without who), so as to promote the development of digital currency market, to reflect the value of their own bitcoin.

From the perspective of the speculators, the price is still a little high, but did not reach the generated profits through speculative operation price expectations, lower than the $1000 price would have most speculators admission, after all, bitcoin is a digital currency and ancestor level limit does not exceed 2100 million, based on people is also very strong, there are a large number of believers.

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