Nvidia is more optimistic about AMD than long-term prospects for encrypted currency

nnnAs the encryption market continues to grow and develop, Nvidia shares are still up more than 50% this year, and revealed that it may launch optimized mining products, but it is not sure whether it is rumors in the specific encryption currency products. In addition to Bitcoin other emerging digital currency, especially the development of the chain block, it seems to also promote the Nvidia and AMD’s two companies GPU sales growth.n
nnTranslation: Nicolen
nNvidia CEO Jensen Huang on Thursday summarized the chip maker’s view of the encrypted currency: rock.n
nThis is the view of Huang’s ability to show his company’s ability to stand out in the growing mining and digital money markets.n
nHuang said in a phone call with analysts on Thursday’s company in the second quarter:n
nn”Encryption is being widely accepted, and this market will also become very large. It can not disappear soon, there will be more and more money to join, from different countries, we are very close to this market, so very understanding of the market dynamic.”n
nnNvidia NVDA quarterly quarterly results of -4.28%, Thursday’s performance breakthroughs, sales and earnings are expected to exceed expectations, but after the normal meeting, the stock plunged more than 6.5%. The company’s share price rose by as much as 50% this year as a result of investors’ betting on Nvidia’s artificial intelligence and in server and autonomous driving sales, compared to the S u0026 P 500 SPX -1.45%, which rose 8.9 %.n

nHuang argues that encrypted currency mining may add another long-term growth space to Nvidia’s bull market on Thursday and disclose products specifically designed for these efforts, he told analysts on the phone that the company is a “coin miner To provide a special token of mining SKU “, that is,” the optimization of mining. “n
nNvidia’s spokeswoman declined to comment when asked whether the CEO’s remarks confirmed the development of specific encrypted currency products in rumors.n
nPatrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, told MarketWatch that he did not think Huang was hinting at introducing new encrypted money products, but that sales partners were developing Nvidia chips. Moorhead noted that at least one Nvidia-based Pascal-based card was manufactured by Asustek Computer Inc. 2357 and sold to encrypted currency miners.n
nThis is a similar approach to Nvidia’s rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD, -5.53% using near-encryption mining. However, Nvidia looks more optimistic about the long-term outlook for customers looking for digital money.n
nSu said in the company’s profit phone last month:n
nn”Some of our partners also offer mining cards with different functions so that we can really divide the game and mining market.”n
nnAs a result of the use of graphics processing unit encryption currency mining business to flourish, AMD’s development is more than expected. Over the past few months, the development of other emerging digital currencies, in particular the etherfloor chain, in addition to Bitcoin, has also contributed to the growth in sales of the two companies’ GPUs.n

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