NVIDIA night evaporate a AMD digital currency bear’s mistake?

 NVIDIA night evaporate a AMD digital currency bear's mistake?

In November 16th, NVIDIA (NVIDIA) announced its Q3 Q3 earnings, revenue of $3 billion 180 million, below market expectations of $3 billion 240 million. The revenue data below analyst expectations, investment banks lowered NVIDIA stock rating and target price. One day, NVIDIA shares fell 18%, NVIDIA’s decline in the market value of $about 23000000000. Subsequently, many analysts say, NVIDIA shares plummeted and encryption currency is closely related to bear .

Ying Weida (Nvidia) CEO Huang Yansen (Jensen Huang) also said that the company’s plight is affected, the encryption technology bear to a great extent, he said: “the bear long crypto currency sequelae than we expected, we are surprised, but it will be the last.”

CCN reported that the bear market of encryption currency NVIDIA revenue reduction did not affect the.

Since the birth of ASIC machine, mining machine continuously improve the efficiency of the use of GPU mining and its number of miners have been reduced, total demand for GPU machine has been reduced. At the same time, encryption currency mining from the individual mining gradually transformed into mine, mine pool mining, this has led to the decline of GPU mill.

In fact, in the month of the year 8 held Q2 earnings conference call , NVIDIA has firmly stressed that the miners encryption currency GPU sales has declined sharply. At that time, NVIDIA’s chief financial officer Colette Kress said, NVIDIA will expect its focus on crypto currency joint venture to make any contribution.

Our revenue is expected, crypto currency related products sales will be reduced to about $100 million, while the actual revenue of $18 million. Although we had expected this year on the crypto currency is of great significance, but now we are expected, in the future there will not be any encryption monetary contribution .

The market has already realized that currency related business of the inve encryption has come to an end point.

CNBC Mad Money channel Jim Cramer believes that NVIDIA revenue forecast errors of judgment, is the main reason of the decline in the market value of nvidia.

“NVIDIA still in the production of high quality graphics card, this card is more powerful than traditional microprocessors, it is still ahead of the competition in many fields…… I think Nvidia made a real prediction error , although some of us saw it coming, but it is certainly a mistake can be avoided. “

Goldman Sachs analyst Toshiya Hari adds, NVIDIA’s share price slump is mainly due to the GPU inventory file games and game consoles SoC correction .

According to the Tencent reported with artificial intelligence technology, the fiery, NVIDIA rivals such as Intel and AMD, also increased GPU investment, NVIDIA also has a certain impact, this’s quarterly GPU operating performance, or indicates the crowded market saturation.

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