“Ohio Morning Post” potential area will become the first American to accept bitcoin state tax

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KPMG: encryption assets system faces six major challenges

According to btcmanager, one of the big four accounting firms KPMG (KPMG) according to a report, encryption assets as an asset class of institutional investors has been established, and the encryption system is also facing challenges of assets. In the digital asset blockchain for all investors financial products based on before, there are still many obstacles to overcome. The report summarizes six major challenges, namely, regulatory compliance, branch management and governance, and KYC security encryption, encryption management, accounting and financial reporting and tax effect.

Legal experts: bitcoin may not belong to the legal possession “”

Richmond University of American legal scholars in law and technology journals Journal of Law and Technology published an article that the encryption token may in some jurisdictions do not belong to the legal assets. The paper wrote: token digital encryption currency and no entity, they are virtual entrance books. According to the law of England and Welsh, exists only in electronic form can have an object that is not, so not all digital token.

The global analysts generally believe that $3500 is a watershed in the price of bitcoin

According to the surging news, 11 25 April bitcoin dropping to $3500, the global digital currency market collective reproduction sharp sell 8500 billion market size than the market value of the vertex has shrunk more than 85%. While global analysts generally believe that $3500 is a watershed in the price of bitcoin, short has gone crazy, this is a bold approach investors can buy. According to the director of Oanda Asia Pacific Trading Company said that if the bitcoin toward $3000 a close, will inevitably lead to panic and flee.

Snowden: bitcoin will die but the encryption currency will be eternal life

In an American Civil Liberties Union non-profit organization (ACLU) in an interview, Snowden said, although bitcoin will not last long, will eventually die, but support bitcoin become the global currency of faith will be transferred to other encryption currency on the body, continue. Snowden believes that the belief is that the encrypted currency as the transfer of monetary value in the bank network outside the real world, this way can be transferred, will not die with bitcoin dies. As long as people also hope that no bank transfer money, crypto currency may have some value.

SEC Commissioner believes that the future of bitcoin will launch ETF

According to icoexaminer news, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Haist Pierce (Hester Peirce) yesterday to accept an interview, she said she believed the future ETF will launch a crypto currency, although she said she repeated the views expressed are not necessarily the views of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission itself. Peirce interview, host Peter McCormack asked whether the future of bitcoin ETF is “inevitable”, she replied that this is an important exchange of intellectual capital investment “”.

SEC allowed to raise up to $50 million through 1CO

According to coindoo news, according to a report by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued two regulations aimed at increasing the password. The provisions of the company is likely to raise $50 million through 1CO. These Provisions are called “Registration Ordinance”.

Paraguay supports the establishment of the world’s largest bitcoin mining farm

According to CCN news, the blockchain Technology Foundation recently with the Paraguay government on the establishment of a world’s largest bitcoin mining field and encryption of large scale exchange organization to complete the negotiations. The Paraguay government will actively support the house of Commons Foundation (Commons Foundation) of the “golden goose”, and provide tax incentives through constitutional amendment, vice president of the Paraguay Hugo Velazquez Moreno in an CCN news release said. If this is true, but in fact Paraguay’s parliament approved changes to the constitution, provide tax relief, or even acknowledge the existence of money encryption and legal status, it will be a major breakthrough in the global level of encryption currency.

Former vice chairman of the Association for science and technology China: block chain algorithm may go to the center of the bearing is but the technology center

Zhang Qin, former vice chairman of the Association for science and technology China speech in BAC block 2018 chain conference, said block chain technology provides a good opportunity for development to us, but can not bring the development of technology industry to us, not only by virtue of enthusiasm, it is more important to conduct in-depth understanding and research. He said, our algorithm is likely to go to the center, but we are carrying technology center, national.

Ohio will become the first American to accept bitcoin state tax

According to coincryptorama news, Ohio will probably become the first to accept bitcoin state tax. From the beginning of April 26 11, Ohio state enterprises will be able to access the OhioCrypto.com website after registration can pay the cigarette sales tax and personal income tax etc. the use of bitcoin a series of tax, the plan is expected to eventually be extended to personal tax declaration.

The blockchain patent global ranking 90 ranked first in Ali

The day before, IPRdaily officially announced the “2018 global patent block chain companies list TOP100 ‘list data show that Chinese companies accounted for more than half of BAT, HUAWEI in the list. The Alibaba with 90 patents ranked first, IBM and MasterCard were 89, 80, two rows of patent No. three. The Tencent of science and technology in the top 10 ranked No. 8, with 40 patents, Baidu is ranked 40.

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