Oil prices fell 6%, U.S. stocks fell, the Dow fell 550 points! The reason is that Trump said 2 things?

Abstract: oil prices fell 6%, U.S. stocks fell, the Dow fell 550 points! The reason is that Trump said 2 things?

Overnight, oil prices fell 6%!

[ABC] financial news: after last week’s crash this week, international oil prices continued to decline last week!

Tuesday (20 days) early, the collective fell more than 2%, then the U.S. oil WTI fell 6%, one hour, 55 below the 56 and 54 $three mark, the lowest intraday since October 2017 fell to $53.66 / barrel.

Brent and the international oil prices fell 4.5%, down over $3, to $63.77 / barrel, a record low since March, fell below 65 within an hour and $64 two mark. In addition, NYMEX gasoline futures fell more than 5%, to $1.5003 a gallon, a record since July 2017 lows.

According to a financial market data show cattle, as of Tuesday’s close, the United States WTI January crude oil futures fell $3.77, or 6.59%, at $53.43 / barrel, the highest since 2017 October closing low; January Brent crude oil futures fell $4.26, or 6.38%, at $62.53 / barrel.

Stocks have been hit! All asset classes in the fall?

Not only oil prices fell, stocks also hit thursday!

As oil prices fell, dragged down energy shares, S & P hit three week closing low, technology stocks continue to bleed.

According to market data of a cattle financial point of view, as of Tuesday’s close, the S & P 500 index fell 1.82%, at 2641.89 points, the highest since October 29th closing low; Dow fell 551.80 points, or 2.21%, at 24465.64 points; the NASDAQ fell below the 7000 point integer mark, down 1.70% at 6908.82 points.

(data from a cow financial market)

In this regard, the previously expected precision trend of U. S. Morgan Stanley chief strategist Michael Wilson stocks presented his views: stocks have been in a bear market.

In fact, on Tuesday, stocks, bonds, oil, digital currency, copper, silver or gold, all asset categories are in decline, investors could not find a safe haven.

The U.S. high-yield corporate bonds (junk bonds) has 9 consecutive days (record) fall. Yesterday, bitcoin days fell 10%+ was directly below $4300 mark, the lowest level since 2017 years 10 months. Since the beginning of this year, bitcoin has fallen 66%. Even the traditional hedge, hedge assets, gold and silver also joined the army of fall. Why? What happened in the financial markets?

So the question is: what happened?

In this regard, analysts said, the reason about oil prices and the stock market may be related with Trump!

The U. S. stocks Tuesday midday hours, Trump released on the Saudi position statement, reiterated in the reporter’s question on the support of Saudi Arabia Saudi arabia.

He said in a statement, the United States and many other intelligence agencies continue to assess all the information level Shu Ji reporter event, “it is very likely (Saudi Arabia) prince was informed of this tragedy, he may know, may not know.”

At the same time, Trump said that the decline in oil prices. He said that Saudi Arabia has helped us suppress oil prices.

“Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil producer after the United States, they have close cooperation with us, has responded positively to my appeal prices reached a reasonable level requirements,” Trump said in a statement added.

In addition, for stocks dismal performance, Trump Thursday again to the Fed’s “fire”, said he hoped the Fed cut interest rates in response to the current economic and financial market conditions.

Trump said: “I want to see the Fed’s lower interest rates. I think the interest rate is too high. I think the Fed’s problems than other large technology stocks, and there are some problems.”

However, according to the CNN analysis, from the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, oil prices plummeted to trade, all kinds of worries everywhere highlights on the current market environment, this is an important cause of U. S. stocks plummeted, but the most important thing is that investors are ready to embrace the past year economic profit and explosive growth is coming to an end to.

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