On 16 August 11 bitcoin market lows, short-term market will continue to shock

A market point of view:

Following yesterday’s panic after the crash in today’s global digital assets appear sideways market. From the beginning of yesterday evening, the market panic continued to appear at 22:35 yesterday evening the market value of the lowest point, the lowest reached US $174 billion 945 million, this is the last time yesterday’s market panic down, then quickly rebounded today overall sideways. At present, due to longer, market value of global digital assets reached 1844.59 billion, compared to $1860.57 billion yesterday fell 0.86%.

The trading volume, after yesterday’s panic selling today, 24 hours overall market trading volume dropped significantly. The trading volume yesterday evening in the last panic after falling trading volume reached today is relatively high of $25 billion 362 million, followed by the market callback concussion, trading volume will decline. Up to 24 hours longer, trading volume reached 199.02 billion, compared to $247.17 billion yesterday fell sharply 19.48%.

The flow of funds, a large outflow of funds still today. The inflow of funds, more than 100 million yuan of assets total 3. Today BTG to return to the top, 24 hours 1 billion 302 million yuan DASH inflows; capital inflows today 1 billion 1 million yuan, ranked second, TRX today also appeared 143 million yuan into the. The outflow of funds, a total of 6 assets outflow of more than 100 million yuan. BTC today for the large amount of outflow, 24 hours outflow amount up to 2 billion 921 million yuan; ETH outflow of funds has reached 766 million yuan today. BCH capital outflows followed by today’s capital outflow is 346 million RMB.

Message level, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) said cancel the issue of state support encryption currency; and SV in an ABC coin worth a total of $418 more than the fire BCH currency quotation; Beijing Financial Holding Group Chairman Fan Wenzhong today in the “seventh China payment forum” to predict the changes in three aspects of future payment field may occur note: one is will disappear in the near future, the two digital currency will be the trend, the three is in the future there will be a unified global currency.

The mood of the market level, according to Alternative.me statistics, today the market panic index was 23, as compared to yesterday’s extreme panic, panic degree increased significantly.

Two, the list of assets:

After the overall market fell sharply yesterday, today the sideways market. Today the Communist Party of China before the market value of assets 100 62 assets rise, 38 assets continue to decline. Rising assets, total assets rose more than 3 10%, which WAX asset 24 hours or the highest, rose fell yesterday after 13.65%, there was a substantial rebound, but trading volume is only 90 million dollars. MONA today rose No. 2, 24 hours rose 11.12%. The remaining assets of the larger trading volume, XLM today or higher, today rose 5.44%.

By assets, today’s decline has eased significantly compared to yesterday, only 1 assets fell more than 5%. The LINK 5.01% fell today, the largest decline in recent days, link trading volume significantly enlarged. BCH this morning hard bifurcation success, BCH today fell 4.39%, ranked second, trading volume synchronous atrophy.

In the daily trading volume of more than $50 thousand in assets is more active, a total of 4 assets rose more than 50%, but the trading volume today or higher assets are low. The highest increase in assets for GBC, 24 hours up to 194.58%, but the trading volume is only 5 million dollars. WIZ today ranked second or 24 hours, up 79.57%. Today only COSM or TOP10 in the trading volume of assets of more than $1 million, COSM rose 29.35%, trading volume significantly enlarged in the afternoon today.

Assets fell, fell yesterday fell today. Today BCH bifurcation BCHSV currency fell 53.81%, down at the top of the list, is for the trading volume of nearly $40 million. TMTG today fell 34.98%, the trading volume of $9 million 570 thousand. The remaining assets fell trading volume are smaller.

Following yesterday’s market trading volume fell sharply due to the sharp rise in trading volume, this fall to some extent. The trading volume rose slightly before the assets of 30 8 asset 22 asset trading volume, trading volume fell to some extent. Higher than the overall rate of decline increases, but the sharp rise of several trading volume of assets. Today, GNT trading volume enlarged 32 times, 24 hour trading volume reached US $6 million 400 thousand, but prices fell slightly. MITH today’s trading volume also enlarged 1.5 times, mainly related to on-line Binance exchange. In addition, dash trading volume today still rose slightly, up 29.80%. The remaining assets or smaller trading volume rose. Today’s assets fell, greatly decline the market value of the larger assets, today ETC trading volume fell 41.61%. The mainstream of assets, trading volume fell, fell more than 10%. The BCH trading volume fell the most obvious, 24 hour trading volume fell 23.81%; BTC today also fell 18.38%.

Today, the overall market capitalization appears sideways market, not a mainstream asset price. The BTC after yesterday’s crash, today continued to fall by 0.59%, BTC to a new low, the current price of $5614. After BCH bifurcation, today fell 4.39%, the volume of transactions has synchronous atrophy. The remaining assets rose to a certain extent; the XLM today rises greatly, the 24 hour rose 5.44%, XRP rose 3.80%, ETH rose slightly by 0.44%, the current price of $179.5.

Analysis of three mainstream currency:

BTC after the collapse yesterday still fell 2.92%, to $5749, unable to stand on the $5800 price integer. The market nadir occurred at 22:35 yesterday, the biggest decline in nearly 9%, for the last time yesterday’s market panic down, then rose concussion, finishing sideways today. From the current trend of the market should be the shock box here, the short term will not be low, because the amplitude is now widening, the small level of the entry point for short-term investors can participate in, but the risk is higher, which belongs to the tip of licking the blood behavior. In the long-term investors can temporarily abandon the transaction, said the firm $6600 is not the middle can not rise, not only the results of 6600 long unassailable, but breakdown down $6000, the long-term trend is worrying. The rest of the mainstream currency and BTC agreement, the probability of short-term bottoming formed low level box, the lower the probability that the medium-term trend is worrying.

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