On the Economic Basis and Use of Virtual World


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nAfter introducing a similar place between Decentraland and “My World”, many investors are interested in the economic operation and use of the Decentraland virtual world. Today, the author for everyone in detail.n
nThe economic foundation of the virtual world:n
nDecentraland’s value proposition for application developers is that they can get all the benefits of their own applications and the user’s economic interaction. To be able to take this economic interaction, Decentraland must allow three kinds of transactions: money, goods and services.n
nDecentraland will integrate a core system, so that any two users on the Internet can complete the global low-cost real-time payment. The encrypted currency opened up a trust channel for the parties, and now the low-confidence level of the spoke system has become a reality.n
nFor the services provided on Decentraland, we are developing a scripting system that allows developers to write interactive programs between users and applications. This scripting system runs only on the client, but supports different data flow models: from simple native effects and traditional client-server architecture to P2P-based channel interaction. The emergence of encryption technology based on block-chain smart contracts allows developers to benefit from cheap, fast, paid, verifiable fair games, decentralized storage, and other benefits.n
nIn order to facilitate the trading of virtual goods, there must be economic incentives to ensure that the incursions, articles and scripts continue to produce and publish. Since static content can be copied at random, the user experience should enhance the original social consensus of the approved content. Through an identity system, the user will be able to track and verify whether a content is approved by the originator by encrypting the signature. Some people have implemented these innovative practices, such as Rare Pepes.n
nscenes to be used n
nDecentraland’s scripting language supports the development of applications, games, betting and dynamic 3D scenes. This scripting language has a lot of ability to include objects, load textures, handle physics, and encode users’ interactions, sounds, payments, and external calls.n
nContent curatorn
nDecentraland users will be gathered around the neighborhood with shared benefits. Will be their own territory selected in the high flow center around the user can use the territory of the contents of the release.n
nBrands can promote products, services and events with billboards on or near high-traffic plots. Part of the neighborhood may be the virtual world version of the New York Times Square.n
nDigital collectionn
nWe want users to be able to publish, distribute and collect rare digital assets that are issued on the chain. As they are in other virtual worlds or online forums, these digital assets can be traded through the scripting system in Decentraland and supported by the previously mentioned naming system.n
nDecentraland For more information, please pay attention to the Chinese community manager micro letter: Crypto_communityn

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