On Washington! Block chain practitioners visit the US Congress

nnnAdventure: Chamber of Digital Commerce organizes the first parliamentary chain education day, so that Chain, Gem, Bloq, Overstock and other well-known enterprises and members of the face-to-face exchange block chain-related issues. The congress block chain core group also assisted.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nMore than 70 companies gathered at Capitol Hill to help Congress accelerate the process of chain and encrypted currency technology.n
nThe first Congressional Blockchain Education Day organizers are Chamber of Digital Commerce, which aims to help companies like Chain, Gem, Bloq communicate directly with elected members to Describe the technical work and the rapid development of the $ 100 billion block chain industry.n
nChamber of Commerce Chairman Perianne Boring describes the purpose of the event, building the relationship between the chain chain and the elected officials, and warned that if the policy makers do not act actively, there will be risk of being surpassed by other countries.n
n”Wise business should keep in touch with the House of Representatives, especially in a highly regulated environment of financial services,” if the company’s business model overlaps with the federal agency’s judiciary.n
nn”At any time, if this process becomes difficult or blurry, your House of Representatives helps you solve these problems.”n
n”Organic interest”n
nThe event schedule begins with an intelligent contract, and the participants visit their respective House of Representatives.n
nFrom multinational companies in Colorado, Texas, California, medium-sized industry, to multinational companies, fly to Washington to attend the meeting, including Microsoft, Overstock, Chain, Gem, Bloq.n
nThe Congressional Blockchain Caucus, co-chair of the Democratic Party and Congressman Jared Polis, commented on the efforts of the team, saying that members of Congress had a strong interest in the technology.n
nn”More and more members of Congress have heard of the technology from their hometown voters, or they are deploying or analyzing the potential of the chain chain technology.”n
nnSince its establishment in September, the core team has 11 members.n
nThe core group Republican co-chair, Congressman David Schweikert plans to attend the meeting, but the final situation failed to take place.n
nRaise awareness n
nBecause the block chain is still very familiar to many people in the field of policy, the purpose of this activity is to raise awareness, to carry out education, rather than to make any detailed questions.n
nBoring said, “We are not letting Congress take legislative measures today, and we hope that the Congressional office and the committee will be able to learn these technologies.”n
nShe explained the ultimate goal is to allow members to participate in, and eventually become a technical support within the Congress and experts.n
nBoring said:n
nn”The main message is that your voters are involved in this technical ecosystem and want you to know more about it, which will allow them to take more aggressive measures.”n
nnParticipants said that the success of meetings with Congress officials had aroused concern about technology, but stressed the need for in-depth education.n
nSuch as Murphy

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