One week market down 35% encrypted digital money market 2018 “crash” a foregone conclusion: bitcoin could fall to $1500

China Times reporter Hu Jinhua reported in Shanghai (

If you can not use “collapse” two words to describe the encrypted digital currency this year’s overall performance, the outside world has not know what words can be expressed in the completely reduced to “fix” Dojo market.

11 month 15 days, digital currency market has experienced another round of bloodbath, bitcoin, Wright currency have Ethernet square, down to about 15% in the market value of the top 500 in the digital encryption currency fell more than 20%, but after the weekend meet the eye everywhere; a brief 11 month 19 days to stabilize, and on the 20 day the collapse of the market once again fell, bitcoin two decline reached 8.67% and 13.29%, to close at $4860 / month near record low since this year; the etheric Fang fell more than 30%, the distance between the same close below $100, the lowest this year.

“Now the mainstream currency the total market value of only about $150 billion, only on Thursday, and this week, bitcoin price fell more than 35%, in January this year, bitcoin prices at $20 thousand a vertex, now less than $5000, fell to $3/4 in market value. From the K line chart, so far this year’s trading day, bitcoin trend is typical, all digital currency showed unilateral down little rebound, fled makers retail quilt. Used to describe the current market performance and the collapse of the holder to reflect the state of mind, a little too much.” In November 20th, looked at the digital currency crash of the stock market figure, a Shanghai analyst Wang Jiaer (a pseudonym) said helplessly.

In his view, the market fell to such an extent that he began to study at the digital currency trend as well as the background of these projects, whether meaningful.

Chiefs propaganda is useless

In an unregulated market, encrypted digital currency trading is a Ponzi scheme, and the so-called market what gangster propaganda, only exacerbated the decline in the price of money.

In the opinion of many investors has been a huge loss, the chiefs with liar does not have what difference, can also count on a market reversal, do not know what month.

According to the reporter, on the 19 day the currency market fell again, “big brother” Zhao Changan coin ring sound, called the encrypted digital currency market will not disappear, but the top three global digital currency trading currency security founder’s appeal, but played the opposite effect.

“Now that the founder of the platform are one of the best not to speak, because the exchange platform and the issuing party is the same. Of course, as investors I constantly reflect, of course is a speculative psychological mischief, hoping to currency speculation make money; on the other hand also because of ignorance, the trading mechanism of digital currency itself and insider knowledge. But when I see the truth behind digital currency transactions, it is too late.” At the end of last year to enter the market investor Aman Chang 19, the reporter said, and she has lost more than 300 million.

But in a market veteran, encrypted digital currency trading is the use of the principle of block chain technology, but with thousands of digital currency in the market, there are a few honestly and then landing scene through technology.

“The vast majority are under the guise of block chain technology and the issue of air exchange currency, stepped in, because in the digital currency transactions, we must distinguish the issuing and trading platform, a person wants to receive all of the transactions, so retail will not. We want to know is that too much of the team in the issue of digital currency, in a regulatory environment, no failure of the project will be accountable, and investors have nowhere to redress the team run away. This market and the stock market to meet as equals is tell some fantastic tales.” In this regard, Beijing block chain industry experts Han Yongfei analysis pointed out that.

The concern is that the 11 20 April morning, the global bitcoin transactions did not confirm the number reached 31000 pen pen, and this number is still rising, in addition to Ethernet appear a total of 36 million square sum of gold trading out at the same time. At the same time, as the trading intermediary currency stability USDT also surged, the signs are means the size of funds in cash out.

It will drop 75%

If someone tells you that bitcoin also fell 75%, do you believe? Perhaps you do not believe, just like three years ago, you wouldn’t believe bitcoin will rise to $20 thousand, while ten years ago he was only a dollar. If bitcoin fell 75% also value $1500 /, you should believe, after all, there is no one will say it fell to the starting point of $1.

In November 18th, overseas investment research firm Intelligence analyst believes that overseas encrypted digital money market mainstream opinion that the global currency market has entered the winter, bitcoin will be dropped to $1500, other coins prices fell space is 70%.

“The fact that the influence scope of encrypted digital currency falling is not currency speculation investors, as well as the upstream and downstream industry chain. Like Scarlett Nan Yun Zhi, recently, several mining bit agencies reported negative news in the Hongkong IPO, and in these days the market fell bitcoin become the leader of the industry, analysis, the cause is bit zapan. I feel a bit, there is no such energy, if he is to cash zapan performance thickening enterprise, choose at this time is completely mistaken. But another mining mechanism has been terminated in Hongkong Tianhe international market, so the other two may not go, this is a series of chain reaction.” Wang Jiaer pointed out that.

Ironically, in November 19th, sponsored by the Hangzhou municipal government’s “new world economic reconstruction. 2018 block chain summit in Hangzhou was officially opened in Zhejiang Hangzhou, as bent to create a block chain of Hangzhou to block chain technology support is at the forefront of the country, but also the Zhejiang block chain company the issue of encryption currency too many to count, but not in the minority, but the number of money market has plummeted to block chain technology based on the way to” meet “the summit held.

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