Only chain cooperation and then the next city, signed with the bright fishery strategic cooperation agreement

nnnOnly chain cooperation and then the next city, only chain and bright fisheries signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly plan “only chain of things” wisdom fisheries solutions.n
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n(Singapore, August 31, 2017) Following the collaboration with Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences to create a green organic agriculture certification chain chain proprietary cloud, only chain (VeChain) today announced a strategic cooperation agreement with the light fishery, relying on stable operation for more than two years Time chain chain chain platform and its powerful networking team, and the light fishery jointly planning “only chain of things” intelligent fishery solutions.n
nAgriculture since ancient times is the basis of the national economy, “the People’s Republic of China’s national economic and social development of the thirteenth five-year plan outline” pointed out that the promotion of agricultural information construction, strengthening agriculture and information technology integration, the development of intelligent agriculture; Information on the development of strategic outline “proposed to cultivate Internet agriculture, establish and improve the intelligent, networked agricultural production and management system, improve the whole process of agricultural production information management services;” National Agricultural Modernization Planning (2016 – 2020) “” “National Informatization Planning” will also promote the overall agricultural and rural information to make an overall plan.n
nOnly chain and light fishery cooperation can be described as strong combination, much aspect:n
nAspect 1n
nOn the one hand, as the main channel of aquatic products supply channels, bright fishery bear a positive response and implement the national policy, leading the construction of food safety and security system and information platform to trace the social responsibility. In addition, the bright fishery is rich in production resources, the industry is an exemplary role of large state-owned enterprises, through the lead research and explore new farming technology and information technology, the use of landing new Internet technology, the first to try to guide the production of new production Model, will be in the industry to achieve a significant role in the benchmark, in order to lead the industry inside and outside the enterprise will promote new information technology.n
nAspect 2n
nOn the other hand, the chain chain for the bright fishery existing business model proposed a combination of chain chain chain and the Internet of things transformation program, from the encryption chip tag technology, Internet of things sensor identification and data security, NB-IoT security module and authorization Module, in each Tong mouth to increase the “belt state return” function of the aerator, feeding machine, water pump, and the Internet of things collection time, Tangkou information, weather information and personnel on duty and other information recorded in the block chain on. Using the characteristics of the chain chain chain chain, when the production manager would like to know the situation of the production process, whether it is the name of the feed, the manufacturer, the number or the name of the fishing drug, the amount of the veterinary prescription, etc. can be easily inquired To.n
nTherefore, the block chain technology will be the best technology for production management control, and it is also in line with the auditable traceability requirements of the agricultural sector. Only the chain chain chain chain of these characteristics and the combination of things in the aquaculture industry in various fields and links, bring about the imagination of change is very broad.n

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