Only chain Vechain August 18 to open ICO, the total head of Lu Yang elaborated the idea


Reporter: pencil leadn

Vechain is the world’s leading chain of chain goods and information platform, through two years in the industry accumulated a large number of commercial applications, is committed to creating a deep integration of commercial ecological environment block chain solution.n
nThe chain-only chain-chain pencil ( says its vision is to use a block-chain technique to construct a trusted, distributed business environment that can be self-circulating or outward. This makes the chain of ecological environment has the following advantages:n
nn• Information is relatively transparentn
n• Conflict minimization of trust between different partiesn
n· The different participants of the exhibition director, for the commercial ecological environment to contribute their own value, so as to obtain a relatively fair remuneration;n
n• Realize high-value circulation and continually expand the Vechain commercial closed-loopn
nnRecently, the block chain pencil ( specially interviewed the general manager in advance Lu Yang Sunny, listening to him talked about some of the real ideas for the ICO.n
nQ: What is VeChain’s ICO design concept?n
nLu Yang: Now the main ICO logic design, or business model, the value of the model, the basic number of these:n
nn- the size of the economy, the greater the flow of the economy, the more valuable it isn
n- the greater the number of applications that support it, or the more places you use, the greater the value of the circulationn
n- disguised deflation type, in a certain rule down the “coin”, is the artificial reduction of the supply of money, then the value of the currency should risen
n- the edge of the ball, that is, change the way, make a difference, its essence or to become equity or long-term benefit classn
nnVeChain block chain VEN design is basically in the combination of the first and the second case, at the same time, or that is the traditional block of the chain of the world a new challenge.n
nThe traditional block chain advocates absolute centering, using technology and algorithms to design a purely extreme to the center of the way, and then let its own development. For example, Bitcoin, made a point-to-point payment tool, but how to pay no one tube, and free to grow.n
nThe logic of the ether is also the same, on the basis of Bitcoin, an increase of virtual machines and smart contracts, can describe more complex behavior or human activities, but the specific use, no one tube, free to grow.n
nThe results, so there is little practical application, or need to wait for a long time to explore, because the participants will be relatively scattered, full free market waiting for “recognized”, decided the most “effective” application. But the problem is coming, the market is profitable, only to the most “money” place to develop, so the bit coins began to use for dark, and now we feel cross-border arbitrage (especially for foreign exchange control countries, such as heaven) ; The largest application of the Ether Square has become a support for ICO.n
nVeChain is thinking about making a chain structure with “strong governance”. , Is like in the completely free market system, to be a moderate degree of guidance and direction, to guide the ecological enterprises, individuals, or the whole community to some of the way to go to try. , Of course, will certainly experience failure, repeated, constantly changing direction, but with a certain degree of orientation, the efficiency must be higher than the full to the center to be highn
nSo we are hoping to achieve a centralization and to the center of the middle, a balance, but how to balance the balance and adjustment, is the greatest challenge to us. In contrast, technology is for this vision and service.n
nQ: How does VeChain’s Token and VEN design? I noticed that the VEN in the white paper also recovers the design of the purchase service, while the other ICO project token does not have a direct interest in the project. How does it reflect the value of the token corresponding to the token? If the ICO project token does not correspond directly to the project, how to reflect the token corresponding to the project value?n
nLu Yang: To be honest, VEN’s logical model is “forced” out of innovation, there are a few need to be careful place:n
nn1, can not use French;n
n2, can not be equity products;n
n3, can not be long-term benefit bonus products;n
nnnBut in some places, there will be some more “brave” innovation, ICO will also involve a class of equity or long-term benefit of the class, the first press not talked about.n
nSo Token is needed to be linked to some “equity”. Vechain’s design is to use VEN to buy block chain services. Vechain’s business model is built on the premise of non-linked equity, to achieve the value of commercial circulation and the token value of the transmission mechanism – the business needs of the use of goods and services, goods and services through the currency value transfer, the traditional equity investment It is through the way of shares dividends to obtain this value transfer, and Ven through the design to purchase services in this way, completed the value of the closed loop, creating a double and circular economy within the system to complete the value of delivery, both completely independent of equity, But can achieve value transfer. This is currently the design of most other ICO projects that are not visible.n
nAccording to the earlier release of the news, only chain will be opened on August 18 ICO, and in order to further to the community and enthusiasts to promote the project, to answer your questions, only chain will be held on the evening of August 8 Chinese community meeting. If you read today’s interview with Lu Yang that is not fun, you can sign up to meet, get in touch with Sunny face to face the opportunity. If the day you can not visit the scene, you can scan the following two-dimensional code into the live channel to watch live.n

nICO informationn
nOnly chain ICO Date: Beijing time on August 18, 20:00 20:00 start, August 31, 2017 19:59 end;n
nOnly chain tokens: VEN;n
nTotal issuance: 1 billion;n
nReceiving Token Type: Ethernet Square ETH;n
nIssue price: 1ETH = 3500 VEN; August 18, 1817 to August 21 for the early bird planning period. Early Bird plans to get an additional 15% VEN reward, ie 1ETH = 4025 VEN;n
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