Only chain VeChain joint strategic partner Microsoft and VISEO build block chain prototype


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nThe automobile industry’s industrial chain is very complex, many participants. Involving the manufacturers, agents, regulators, financial service providers (insurance, banking) and individual users; throughout the car’s life cycle, a large number of “user data” is not really for the user, but scattered in all aspects Of the participants in the hands of. This directly leads to the difficulty of car information collection and verification.n
nVechain and European strategic partner Viseo, Microsoft together for the French Renault car, jointly developed for the automotive industry application concept validation. Project, the chain chain is responsible for the completion of the block chain node deployment on Azure, the development and deployment of the corresponding smart contract, and provide a standard API to the upper application developers to complete the final product.n
nDigital Maintenancen
nEach car can build its own digital records and build ownership licenses. After the owner buys the car, each time the maintenance record can be uploaded to the block chain by authorizing the unauthorized and unauthorized maintenance service provider for temporary data writing. This comes from the data of different maintenance service providers, and gradually builds up the real growth history of the car. Such as insurance, banking and other financial services providers, can be based on this credible data to provide rapid risk assessment, valuation, etc., the savings in operating costs can be fed back to the final owner of the user.n
n”Green driving”n
nThe green driving is a shared electric car project that will be launched by the car company. Each user will record the usage and related data at the time of each driving, upload to the block chain, and use the user Data association. In the future, these data will provide benefits such as “carbon emissions” for car prices and driving users who operate the project, and even user data can be used as input for personal credit.n

nOnly chain head general Lu Yang said:n
nnThe car chain company, insurance company, 4S repair shop can also be authorized to maintain their own relevant information to upload and interact, to achieve cross-industry cross-time multi-party participation, the final So that the synergies between the stakeholders of the business ecology become simple, efficient and cost-effective. “n
nnn”This digital car repair book will provide a new service for our customers in an ecosystem that integrates insurance companies and distributors, and block-chain technology can create a reliable trust agreement,” the Renault Group Digital and Car Networking “In addition to this project, the technology will be a key step towards car networking and micro-trading and related security needs,” explains Elie Elbaz, director.n
nnn”In order to continue our partnership in the field of car networking, we are pleased to be able to provide Renault with digital transformation support and work together to create an innovative block-chain solution that has the potential to consolidate the entire automotive ecosystem and ensure All the shared information can be trusted, “Microsoft French CTO Bernard Ourghanlian said.n
nnPreviously, the automotive industry giants such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Porsche have been announced to get involved in the chain area chain, you can clearly see that the chain of chain technology innovation is entering the automotive industry.n

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