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The era of mobile Internet brings a surge of wind and cloud surging for the e-commerce industry. In recent years, the e-commerce industry has witnessed great changes in terms of big data, mobility and socialization, personalization and customization, or decentralization and intermediation Are very significant. According to statistics, by the year 2017, the size of the global e-commerce market has risen to 25 trillion U.S. dollars. The countries that are pre-eminent in the global market are dominated by the U.S., China and Japan. The size of e-commerce marketing vouchers and market points Up to 2 trillion U.S. dollars. This shows that the development of e-commerce industry can not be underestimated, then the high-profile investment in blockchain technology will bring opportunities?n
1. Blockchain in the field of e-commerce core trends and development potentialn
Blockchain technology is a new type of decentralized distributed ledger with the absolute advantage of securely storing transaction data and information that can not be tampered with and provides a brand new way of thinking and implementation for the current electronic discount and point coupon system The possibility of.n
As far as China’s domestic market is concerned, the high penetration of mobile Internet, both points and coupons, are highly marketing functions. Based on the e-commerce perspective, like the coupon credit integration system, it is a promotional form whose price is obviously higher than the price cut. It has the extremely high penetration rate of mobile Internet in the Chinese market, which has given more marketing coupons and points Features. For users, save time and energy projects are even more lovable.n
Based on the above several major backgrounds, the preferential Treasure project should come into being. The project to combine the most Chaoyang hot blockchain technology and e-commerce marketing system for the purpose, is committed to creating a similar to Ethereum’s public chain platform. Coupons will be between different platforms coupons and points to achieve circulation, and the use of blockchain open and transparent nature of decentralized marketing services to address the traditional marketing platform for information asymmetry and induced fraud, so that businesses and their Products to a higher rate of promotion, allowing users to be more secure, affordable consumer channels, and then build a more complete large ecosystem.n
2. Po Po project to solve the pain pointsn
Coupons real-time tracking – coupons and hedgingn
Each merchant can use the blockchain browser to track the transaction information of merchandise, and monitor the dynamic of electronic coupons in real time. Advanced CPU payment platform to help businesses analyze transaction data, in addition to open API interface also supports businesses to coupon circulation, the use of dynamic, consumer preferences and other information to query. This in turn helps merchants tap the high-value potential customer base more specifically.n
In addition, the blockchain discount treasure covered in the commodity price discount combination, all kinds of complex rebate calculations are calculated by the smart script mode, making the entire link automatically efficient, simple and smooth. Not only that, discount vouchers also focus on the development of a rich landing application scenarios, then, preferential Po CPU will be issued quantitative to protect its circulation value, that is, to avoid the business of spam and protect the authenticity of the value of electronic coupons! Can serve multiple purposes.n
Marketing activities open and transparent – to eliminate fraudulent marketingn
The most humane embodiment of the Prestige Marketing Campaign lies in its full transparency. The campaign will use the CPU as a margin and the whole process consumes gas according to traffic.n
Platform for users and ordinary businesses to provide personalized smart contract mall, and to enable smart contract developers to develop business or user requirements to meet the smart contract. Smart contract mall is divided into two types of standard and custom smart contract market, users and businesses according to their own needs, choose a common template or C2C market to complete customization needs. Mall will use the CPU to pay, the user needs to provide a prepaid fee, the smart contract is deployed in the chain after the receipt of goods, the system will perform the liquidation process. 3% of the transaction fee will be used as the platform fee. The entire process of liquidation, settlement are based on preferential Po’s smart contracts, open transactions, without any intermediary transparent.n
Integral system – mutual benefit and win-win situationn
Preferential Po integral system features in its advanced none other win-win concept. On this platform, merchants can build their own point system to distribute their own unique color points, similar to the ERC20 in Ethereum. Bonus points are used to reward loyal customers. Platform merchants can be based on the existing smart template, custom color and purpose points.n
Prominent points between coupons have the advantage of no time limit, do not need to record the destruction of the address, the merchants have the right to the customer used the product for recycling. At the same time, all merchants can also exchange color points freely through the platform, and truly realize interoperability between merchant / affiliate points. Merchants can break away from the complex system of points union, at a lower cost, build a perfect customer loyalty reward system.n

3. project can be landedn
nPlans to use a variety of blockchain technology integration, multiple signatures, homomorphic encryption technology to meet the security and privacy needs of users;n
nnSeveral large merchants in the financial resources, human resources and other resources strongly support March active month users 100 million app, to ensure user traffic;n
nnThe Treasure Hunt team is rich in e-commerce practitioners’ experience and industry resources. At present, the Treasure Hunt Center e-commerce blockchain platform has received the favor of many large merchants and many merchants have reached a strategic cooperation intention with the team.n

(Project Allocation Plan)n
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Discount treasure official website: http://coupon.onen
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