Ore prices in the first half of 90% has sold as scrap, with

Since the second half of this year, second-hand vehicle market ushered in a wave of selling. From the beginning of its event in 2 to 2000 now one, sometimes even facing sell situation.

In fact, behind its selling phenomenon, we can see that the market is undergoing a reshuffle. The Matthew effect is prominent gradually, small mines and miners are of vital importance and new experiences, profit more concentrated in resources and financial strength of large mine side.

01 half sold as scrap with

The website in a rushed bitcoin trading network “and” cloud bits “such as second-hand machine trading, ant S9 models of second-hand machine machine price has fallen to 1200-1500 yuan, while the bit, website S9 new machine price is 3000 yuan. When the bull market, the price of this machine has even been pushed up to twenty thousand yuan.

The second-hand price ant model T9 is as low as 500-600 yuan, only 1/3 of the price of the new machine. Under the currency circle bear market, the market price of second-hand vehicle becomes more and more depressed.

 Ore prices in the first half of 90% has sold as scrap, with

(Choi bit second-hand trading network machine)

Bit in the clouds on the website, as of 11 September 5 2176 total transaction data, the daily planet Odaily statistics, the sale of information on 72.8%, and the recovery information is less than 28%. This shows that in a certain extent, the second-hand vehicle in unsalable condition.

It is active in the group of friends called “currency printing pool buddy of mine” QQ group revealed that the second-hand vehicle many are sold, especially the old, because the old mill outdated technology, high power consumption, is the fundamental force, but is digging new mining machine force, with less scrap many”.

Many of the miners told the Odaily daily planet, currently selling its second-hand machine group in the market, mainly concentrated in the end of 17 years and 18 years at the beginning of the admission of the small miners and small mines.

At that time, currency prices, mills are expensive. They have a very high price to buy the machine after the encounter currency price fell, mining profits selling coins worth but electricity costs, had to sell to sell. But unlike cash, currency price can continue to hold, wait for a rebound. But need to have mine digging every day, every day to pay the electricity bill. Do not carry the pressure people can only sell.

02 small miners killed a few cents

The daily planet Odaiy came into contact with a man named Chen Hao’s mill seller, a few months ago because I heard that the “bull market currency speculation, bear to dig coins the phrase” admission. But the mills bought less than 2 weeks, in the QQ group looking for buyers, “because the currency price, and electricity is too expensive”.

This week, Chen Hao’s mood like the weather in the northeast, some bad. A week ago, he bought 10 sets of ant DR3 machine, designed to dig a small group called DCR.

Before the machine did not arrive, Chen Hao asked for the abandoned building in the old industrial area of Shenyang. Even without cable factory. He probably spent 2 days digging hole, buried wire rod, an electrician to pull the cable. The original plan to continue to expand the scale, therefore also to remove some of the redundant wall.

After the completion of construction, the electrician suddenly told Chen Hao, where electricity is by ladder electricity to count. He probably just average was 1.05 yuan, and before the friend told him 0.5 yuan, twice as high. But only the average household electric 0.8 yuan / kWh, the electricity in the southwest mountain area between 0.28-0.45 yuan.

Unable to pay the 1.05 yuan bill, rented plant had to return. The demolition of the wall and back up to the people. Cable and wire rod at.

Later, a friend in his assembly plant, dedicated to his empty place for mine. Although we do not have to pay the rent, but every day in power consumption.

“These add up to more than 10 thousand dollars.” He said ruefully.

“Why not put its custody to the mountain? Where electricity is low.”

“If I know the people there, I would go to the hosting.” Chen Haopo said: “some of the frustration and then have to managed 100, I only have 10 units, they do not give up.”

Recently, Chen Hao in the QQ group and asked if anyone had a recovery vehicle, but the reply.

The portrait of a man like Chen Hao can be seen as selling group entry soon, not only lack of understanding of this industry, and no resources to find low electricity hosting. Because of a logical investment flurried admission, in the high cost pressure only hastily retreat.

“It is not possible to stop?” The reporter asked.

“Stop for a minute and are losing money…… Only one side while digging to find someone shot.”

In September last year, Chen Hao into the currency market, rose to buy what, like a dream. Later met bear no loss. He began to believe that the “bear market bull market selling currency mining,” this sentence. So you want to dig up some money in a bear market, and then sold in the bull market. But I did not expect him to practice this sentence, only a week’s time he failed ended.

In fact, this sentence is the logic, but Chen Hao did not know there is a premise: you must have adequate financial resources and resources to support the mining costs, in order to get through the long bear market.

Obviously, Chen Hao went to the wrong theater, he is not the protagonist of the story.

“What did you do before, you can still go back?” The reporter asked.

“Can’t go back, this is my last……”

03 mining is still profitable

After a series of twists and turns, Chen Hao finally found a buyer. Liu Zhekai and Chen Hao into the agreement, bought the night ticket from Beijing to Shenyang.

He and Chen Hao are lurking in a QQ group, unlike Chen Hao, he is in the group whether there are people who want to sell him to the recycling machine. Because the group updates too fast, two people have not talked at the same time.

10 mills from Shenyang to Beijing express, will eventually be sent to Liu Zhekai the hands of customers or to keep your company with. He said that their company is not only the vehicle sales company, also in Sichuan district has built mine, dig ourselves but also to others hosting, there are nearly 20 thousand of its size.

While Liu Zhekai introduced, while the mobile phone handed to reporters before opening the store, on the inside of the video, “this is our field, this is the hydropower station……”

In the video, there is a creek, stream of touch stone, scattered waves. The streams of water, mine and hydropower station are standing. A roaring sound, I do not know from streams or mines and Hydropower station.

He probably realized that sounds a little big, fast slide to the next photo. The picture is a car stuck in the steep hill, the mountain is surrounded with green trees. This is their general mine environment.

Liu Zhekai said, as they do get the scale of mine electricity is 0.38 yuan / kwh. At present each machine every day about 4 dollars net (20 thousand Taiwan machine every day to earn 80 thousand last year), can earn 200 pieces (20 thousand Taiwan machine every day to earn 4 million). He said, when it comes to the larger power plant electricity cheaper.

“To get a lower price of electricity, actually depends on the company’s resources, such as the relationship between the government.” Their company is a fire currency system, which brings great help to them. Like thousands of machines of small mines will live more difficult. “He stressed. Space to speak, a call to ask him, if there is a type of mine.

In fact, like Liu Zhekai’s company, they have industrial layout in mining, hosting, marketing and other aspects, the scale effect that they actually pay unit costs than small miners and small mines are much smaller, so it is better to live.

Liu Zhekai said, their company is still profitable, but relatively less than last year profits.

04 large enterprises with the capital to enter

While the ore prices plummeted, the capital of some traditional companies, took the opportunity to enter.

Some old miners and mine owners Liu Xianmin said, there are some funds and listed companies to buy mine recently. Because the traditional global industry earnings are very low, everyone wants to find opportunities in this new market.

“Mining is real industry, the most close to their traditional logic in the world. Bit, they also see the earnings, income is so high. The bonus block chain whole is not consumed, 17 years is the Dallas city.” Liu Xianmin explained.

Without the traditional management institutions and large companies to participate in the way between two species, the other is self cast mine, mine. But some of the earnings of listed companies is not too good, high cash flow mining is a good way of self-help. But the biggest difficulty lies in how they allow the policy level. Some days ago, the Internet giant layout of African server business, some people suspect that they actually do is advance secretly by an unknown path, mining operations.

In addition, the circle of capital and mine owners generally optimistic about mining .

Pole beans capital Zhang Yiyun believes that mining is in the field of real estate chain blocks.

The old miner Liu Xianmin said, as the industry foundation in the circle of mine, provide force at the same time as the block chain, also introduce the most advanced technology for the wallet. He believes that, when mining, mine pool every 10 minutes at a time, to the currency miners need storage, storage requires wallet technology. The earliest wallet is produced by the mine pool.

The mines main master Bao at micro-blog said it had found 4 cents of electricity in the Middle East, called on everyone to go to the Middle East mining layout.

The earliest bitcoin mining Pool Pond F2Pool founder God fish told the Odaily daily planet, mills is mainly POW algorithm mining, while the number of male chain POW algorithm accounted for nearly 50% of the total number of public chain. Therefore, the blockchain industry demand for machine is wide and long.

Before this, the mainland because of bit AI field layout, have attracted a guess, is not because of its profit decline, thus mouthing mining. Zhang Yiyun Odaily told the Daily Planet: “artificial intelligence business is not making money, but a good story. At present, the main profit, earnings or machine bit.”

But he said more optimistic about the future, so that the domestic mining distributed storage, IDC room (room hosting similar to Ali cloud) will usher in the spring.

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