Over the past ten years, the death of bitcoin has been declared more than 330 times

Bitcoin prices fell due to 85% and exaggerated by the media has died.

From the beginning of April 2017, the intense media coverage sparked a frenzy, resulting in bitcoin and encryption before there have been no currency bubble. Similarly, prices plummeted after the media this year described let us believe that the bubble is not broken, and the whole encryption industry is now dead.

After each of the global electronic system bubble burst, have announced the death declaration encryption industry. Although the 2017 bubble is the largest bitcoin bubble in history, but before the bubble began, bitcoin and encryption ecosystem market capitalization, still more than the level of January 2017.

On the death of market and ecosystem speculation has been exaggerated, so the industry participants future expansion plans seem to be the most will be postponed.

In fact, in the past ten years, bitcoin has been declared the death of more than 330 times, it is doubtful whether different.

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