Overpot subsidiary T0 has built a trading platform for regulated ICOs

nnnOver the past, the US retail giant, Overstock.com, has been working to build a chain-based stock exchange for regulated meta-securities since 2014 and was released in December last year. Supervised encrypted securities. But its development has been called an ICO unregulated emerging financing model hindered, stagnant, but recently issued by the SEC will be encrypted tokens as a securities report is to let the company finally wait until the development opportunities, And prepare a fist.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nUS retail giant Overstock.com has been waiting for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to the world to reveal when the encryption token will be regarded as securities.n
nSince 2014, the company has been committed to the establishment of a regulated and block-chain-backed stock exchange to sell eligible meta-currency securities, and even the company in December last year, the sale of the first Only regulated securities regulated by the SEC.n
nThis is a historic moment, but maybe a little ahead. Since the sale of the company’s own stock on the platform to raise $ 1.9 million, and did not hear any other company want to follow suit.n
nt0 founders hope that this model may become the beginning of a new era of block-chain securities, but it is known as the initial digital tokens (ICO) this rapid development of the emerging concept of pre-empted.n
nIt was not the kind of company that raised funds under the supervision of the SEC, which was initially expected to replace the same platform provider as t0 and regulators. In short, the potential subversion is that it is subversive by the unpredictable technical leap.n
nT0 President Joseph Cammarata said to CoinDesk:n
nn”When these ICO projects began to suddenly succeed, we were somewhat upset, and they were not approved, and that was a western pioneer. We had a long effort on our ICO … but we postponed Our ICO, embarked on the road to regulation. “n
nnThen, last week, t0 finally got the news that it had been waiting for, and the SEC finally announced a landmark report that clearly stated why some of the tokens were still a reasonable basis for securities.n
nIn addition, the report clarifies that once the tokens issued in the ICO are treated as a security, only the national stock exchanges such as the Nasdaq and some alternative trading systems (ATS) can participate in the transaction.n
nCammarata said it was the report of this, so t0 hope to find it has been waiting for the opportunity.n
nIntercepted from SEC report:n
nn”Any entity or individual engaged in an exchange activity must be registered as a national stock exchange or may be exempted from such registration for business activities.”n
nBlock chain ATSn
nt0 in August 2015 debut Nasdaq, Overstock.com founder Patrick Byrne said he is committed to making it a Wall Street platform.n
nFor a long time, Byrne has always been the “naked short selling (naked short selling)” the victim of this practice, and the so-called naked short is the traders do not borrow the stock directly to the market to sell the stock does not exist, And when the stock price fell further to buy back the stock to obtain profits of the investment approach, therefore, he began to use the block chain to replace those who impede the buyer and the seller direct trade.n
nBut as a subsidiary of Overstock.com, a publicly traded company, and itself is the victim of the so-called naked short selling plan, Byrne must disintegrate the system from within.n
nFollowing a series of acquisitions of Overstock, t0 received the ATS license, which all companies were eager to acquire, and a number of potentially valuable relationships with national stock exchanges and seller management systems.n
nSo, back in December 2015, it was also the same regulatory body that announced its guidelines earlier this week approved the Byrne lawfully issuing block-chain securities plan.n
nCammarata joined the company after its stock exchange delivery company SpeedRoute was acquired by Overstock, saying: “Our identity is unique because we have been approved as ATS.”n
nHe continued:n
nn”We are also integrated into every American stock exchange, so when they want to trade in a country exchange, we are already connected to each other.”n
nRegulated ICOn
nAs Overstock has sold its first chain-only stock that is regulated by the SEC, the idea of ​​removing brokers from the existing financial model has grown even if it has been slow and growing.n
nIn March 2017, Blockchain Capital announced the use of the same JOBS Act exemption clause referred to in the SEC filing to launch its own compliance ICO, which eventually financed its $ 50 million Of the $ 10 million through the sale of tokens of securities to raise.n
nAccording to Andrea Tinianow, founder and head of the state-based Delaware block chain program, one possible reason for describing the relatively small capitalization of this chain of zoning is that it is uncertain to record on a distributed ledger The legitimacy of stock ownership.n
nUsing the technology developed by T0’s parent company last week, developed by Symbiont in New York, Delaware has signed a series of amendments, Tinianow said it will remove many uncertainties for companies incorporated in the state factor.n
n”We have already got a regulatory framework for stockpile stock stocks, and now the SEC also gives the federal government’s guidelines,” says Tinianow.n
nA number of sources have confirmed that there are “dozens of” ICO is committed to the development of compliance projects, but the investment time to market about six months to a year.n
nFor companies that want to do this kind of financing, Cammarata says that as long as these companies are willing to do some errands, t0 can provide its own ICO technology.n
nHe said: “We are ready to take over these companies today,” and concluded:n
nn”If they have been approved by appropriate regulatory channels.”n

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