OWL Cybersecurity: Fortune 500 companies are all threatened by dark networks

nnnOWL Cybersecurity released a survey report shows that the world’s top 500 companies are to some extent by the threat of dark, its information and data have been stolen and sold on the dark, including technology companies and communications companies The greatest security risk, while the network security investment in more financial companies are less violations. The report can alert these companies to pay more attention to network security and take action before significant losses occur.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAccording to a report issued by Denver’s company OWL Cybersecurity at the end of May 2017, the world’s top 500 companies are exposed to the threat of a darkline, where technology and communications companies are the most threatened.n
nThe dark network is different from the familiar and used surface network of most people and can not be retrieved using traditional search engines such as Google or Bing. OWL Cybersecurity has built a database, “every day will update from the Tor network 24,000 domain names and other dark network of 1000-15 million pages.” OWL will search for dark web content in 47 different languages, claiming that their web database is “the most comprehensive in the world”.n
nIn this study, OWL on the 2017 “Fortune” 500 list of each company on a comprehensive inspection of the dark network visit. OWL uses a special algorithm for this purpose, according to the potential use of the crime on the dark online postings to rate.n
nThe report says:n
nn”In order to write the Dark Web Index, we tested each of the 2017 ‘Fortune 500 companies through the OWL Vision database. We looked at the webs associated with each company’s website and email domain, and based on the vulnerability to Calculate further adjustments to the results. “n
nnOWL said that when valuable information is stolen or hacked, these data are often sold on the dark line. Criminals will use illegal products and data in the dark market and forums – mainly through hacking and violations – in exchange for digital currency, such as Bitcoin. Therefore, OWL by analyzing the emergence of 500 companies in the dark network to measure the risks they face.n
nnAccording to the researchers, in some cases, “private data for sale may come from the internal disclosure of the top 500 companies, but people may not think so.” For example, credit card information sold on dark lines can come from a variety of sources, including Banks or retailers; however, information about damaged data sources is not always available.n
nnOWL through its algorithm to calculate the 500 companies “dark network index score” and ranked this, which ranked the leading technology companies, Amazon ranked the top, followed by the communications company.n
nOWL extracted some of the main points from the analysis. Researchers stressed that all the top 500 companies have appeared on the dark, because their “dark net index scores” are all high. OWL explained that Amazon ranked first because the company has “a lot of Internet business and a large number of customer data.”n
nResearchers are surprised by the relatively backward ranking of financial firms because financial firms are frequent targets for cybercriminals. OWL said that the financial industry in recent years, a major investment in network security measures is the reason for its success, and other investment in the network security of the company’s ranking is also lower.n
nOWL expects to help companies improve network security by publishing such statistics in the report, enabling data-compromising companies to monitor stolen or hacked messages on the web.n
nn”Today, the loss of data is almost inevitable, the dark network as a complete network security plan is a key component of the important, so that the organization can be abused before the data quickly discovered security vulnerabilities and reduce damage.n

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