Oxford University is involved in financial technology

nnnThe Oxford University’s Saïd School of Business announced that it will launch a short-term online course on financial technology in October to guide executives to understand the field and develop the skills to better respond to future challenges. At the same time, this course is also open to Oxford University MBA students, and may in the future become the traditional course of Saeed Business School. This shows that financial education in science and technology has been further attention and development.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe famous Oxford University will be in the field of financial technology.n
nOxford University’s Sa? D Business School announced on Wednesday that it will launch a short-term online course on financial technology designed to help executives prepare for the future, as more and more Financial services will be based on the technology.n
nPeter Tufano, Dean and Finance Professor of the Faculty, told Business Insider in an e-mail, “Oxford Saïd School of Business is committed to helping global executives prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.”n
nn”Our teachers have been actively involved in financial technology research and teaching, but also set up a financial technology company, which has a wealth of expertise to help students.n
nnOxford University and education technology company GetSmarter launched the program, the company recently to 103 million US dollars (78 million pounds) price was peer 2U acquisition.n
nThe course, which lasts for 10 weeks at a cost of £ 2,500, is designed to teach people a wide range of skills related to financial technology. Tufano pointed out that Oxford’s business school in London in the past had a financial technology on-site activities.n
nTufano told Business Insider, which will take a “systematic approach” to understanding the breakthroughs in financial technology in a number of areas, such as capital, sales, marketing and infrastructure.n
nn”We are talking about the current hot topics such as Bitcoin or Artificial Intelligence, and we are also studying the structure of the financial system itself, so that this technology breakthrough wave is more extensive, meticulous and pragmatic.”n
nnn”If we do not understand the current situation and a series of regulatory, business and technology architectures, then we can not really understand the future of intelligent accounting and quantum computing for the global financial system.”n
nnMore than 60 leading organizations in the field of financial technology are also involved in the development of this course, such as Prosper Marketplace, currency trading platform Ripple and Bank of Clearing Bank of ClearBank.n
nThe course will be available on Oct. 9, although it was originally available only online, but Tufano said it could also incorporate it into the traditional course of the Saïd School of Business.n
nTufano said that Oxford University MBA students can choose to participate in this course, “the project content will always change, we are considering this content into the possibility of other plans.”n

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