Panoramic early participation bail-out fund, the scale has exceeded 500 billion yuan; bitcoin fell below $3500

[macro] news

1, the people’s University report: 2018 Chinese “change” in macroeconomic stability in the present “continued to ease the situation, expected annual real GDP growth of 6.6%, the basic realization of the goal for economic growth is expected in 2019; the real GDP growth rate of 6.3%, the annual CPI rose 2.4%.

2, according to incomplete statistics, at present, local governments, brokerage, venture capital and other established or intends to set up a special rescue fund size over 5000 billion yuan. (Securities Daily)

3, the Ministry of Commerce 23 held a press briefing, clearly put forward the Chinese WTO (WTO) on the three basic principles and five advocates of reform. The Department of Commerce Director Hong Xiaodong said, in the presence of WTO, China obligations level more than members of the general development, for example, the average tariff level is close to the level of developed countries China. (Xinhua News Agency)

4, the State Council issued the “on the support of free trade zone, some measures to deepen the reform and innovation of the notice”. The “Circular” has five characteristics, one is to increase the reform efforts is authorized; two pilot exploration; three is to further promote the opening, break access after the “glass door”; the four is to give policy support; five is to embody the characteristics of localization. (

5, the Hu Run Research Institute released the “2018 Chinese new middle circle white paper”, the number of middle-class families, Chinese has reached 33 million 200 thousand, of which more than 10 million households, the new middle class. The stock is a new middle class up to choice of financial products, followed by the baby category of Internet banking, real estate, commercial insurance and bank savings.

6, the Supreme People’s Court: to make full use of legal resources, give full play to the bankruptcy reorganization, resolve the debt burden in the private enterprises to improve the industrial level and the private economy market space development and other aspects of the positive role, to effectively solve the deep-seated contradictions in the development of private enterprises involved, and constantly stimulate the release of private economic activity and creativity.

7, bureau of Statistics: according to estimates, 2015-2017 of China’s economic development in the new energy index were 123.5, 156.7, 210.1, 23.5% and 26.9% respectively over the previous year and 34.1%, the new economic development momentum index is rising year by year, that China’s economic development to accelerate the development of new energy and economic vitality, further release, an important driving force to promote high quality the development of the.

Zhou Jingsong, deputy director of the law department, the Ministry of Finance in 8 23, 2018 fourth Chinese PPP financing forum said that now is in accordance with the established ideas constantly advancing, according to the documents of the State Council, and strive to the end of this year the introduction of PPP regulations. This time is very tight, the relevant departments are speeding up, there may be a little late, but is expected to be very fast. (China securities network)

9, the General Administration of Customs: the first three quarters of 2018, the FTA test area (excluding Hainan) import and export totaled 2 trillion and 400 billion yuan, accounting for 10.77% of China’s foreign trade 22 trillion and 280 billion yuan, an increase of 14.03%, higher than the same period in the country’s foreign trade import and export 4.13 percentage points (the country’s foreign trade growth of 9.9%).

10, the central bank China: central bank 11 23 April did not carry out the operation of reverse repurchase, no reverse repurchase expires, the implementation of zero zero on the return, the central bank open market repurchase the “quiet period” has lasted 21 days.

11, Shibor:11 23, Shibor overnight at 2.356%, down 10 basis points; 7 days Shibor at 2.628%, down 1.4 basis points; 3 months Shibor at 3.073%, up 0.9 basis points.


1, three ministries: the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice on the relevant issues concerning the import tax preferential policy adjustment of natural gas. From July 1, 2018, the liquefied natural gas sales price adjusted to 28.06 yuan /GJ, the pipeline gas sales price adjusted to 0.99 yuan / cubic meter. During the two, 2018 4-6, liquefied natural gas sales price is 27.35 yuan /GJ, natural gas sales price for 0.97 yuan / cubic meter.

2: this year, the CIRC silver silver CIRC banking insurance industry continued to promote the opening up measures implementation, at the same time, accepted and approved by a number of market access applications. Recently approved the Hongkong Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited Shenzhen branch to build, build the Allianz Group Allianz Insurance Holdings Limited (Chinese).

3, the Ministry issued on the cancellation of “quasi: new energy vehicle models directory” vehicle purchase tax exempt from the list of publicity, the statistics, as of the end of the month 2018 10 no production or imports a total of 199 models, according to the “Catalogue” revocation. It involves JAC etc..

4, agriculture and rural areas: since early August, China’s first discovery of African swine fever as of November 22nd, there are 47 cities in 20 provinces (autonomous regions and National League) 73 * 1 wild boar, started the epidemic outbreak, the cumulative slaughter 600 thousand pigs. The plague situation presents more African * sporadic, stable and effective prevention and control, the overall control of the situation.

As of November 25th 5, 14:05, Chinese movie box office reached 55 billion 900 million, exceeded last year’s box office. However, in the National Archives and cancel the ticket shrink, this year China film can achieve the desired 60 billion, still unknown. (Beijing)

6, the Ministry of Finance: 1-10 month cumulative total of 425 billion 730 million yuan of lottery sales growth of 22.2%. Around the lottery sales table shows, Cantonese love to buy lottery tickets, before October spent about 40000000000 yuan to buy lottery tickets, ranked first in the country.

7, xiongan release: xiongan district director of the CMC office will be held the day before, to standardize the management of intelligent network of automobile road test work, encourage the relevant enterprises and institutions to develop intelligent network of automobile industry. To build a car networking communications test environment, and actively build vehicle safety related actual road test scenarios and management platform and automatic driving.

8, the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Commission issued the “Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Resources Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government Affairs Office for” regulation of real estate market in Shenzhen city (Revised Draft) “opinions notice”. “Regulatory measures” provisions, housing prices need to adjust the sales price and the adjustment exceeds the record price of 15%, should handle record changes in the price adjustment before. (Chinese network)

9, at present, there are more than 10 parents rented apartment operators have been operating problems. The authorities should attach great importance to these problems, the introduction of relevant measures as soon as possible, centralized management and standardized management. Sound housing rental market supervision system, the relevant departments clear division of responsibilities, strengthen the unified management, detailed institutional arrangements. (people’s daily)

10, at present, part of the bank loan interest rate high back, also has an average interest rate of bank loans first suite unchanged from the previous month, but the lending rate has accelerated. Many experts said that the policy within the framework of governance, the tighter mortgage market did not change significantly in the short term, less likely to cut the interest rate first mortgage market regulation, continue to maintain a stable material. (Chinese securities)

The release of 11, China CASS Institute of finance strategic housing projects and housing group of big data big data joint laboratory 11 month “China housing market monthly analysis report” is expected in the short term, a second tier city housing prices stable and decreased slightly, the four tier city rises further decline, inflated prices less serious 234 line may enter the city the risk of the release area. (the card network)

12, digital currency: Coinmarketcap data encryption market overall market value fell below $120 billion, the highest since mid September 2017 lows.

13, bitcoin fell below 3500 U.S. dollars / piece for 2017 years since the 9 month for the first time.

[Focus] market

1, the Commission recently dispatched institutions of administrative punishment level rising, include market manipulation, insider trading, intermediary not due diligence and other types of violations, violations of the area of all types of timely investigation, the Commission will continue to integrate the administrative punishment power lines, punish violations of capital market.

2, the Commission listed company supervision department official said, with the launch of the securities law, branch board modification and perfection of the capital market of major reform, the future will also continue to improve the delisting system. In this sense the delisting system is not the history of the most stringent, but will continue to upgrade. (Xinhua News Agency)

3, gold: issued revised “China financial futures exchange risk control management measures”, which refers to non defaulting clearing members need to pay the settlement deposits, in the settlement guarantee day (inclusive) before the 30 consecutive calendar days (inclusive), the cumulative amount of the need to pay no more than doubled the original payment standard.

4, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: the development of guidelines, the securities investment fund liquidity services which fund managers selected or new liquidity providers, shall meet the following conditions: established implementation plan and risk control system of liquidity services complete; carry out the liquidity service business required professional personnel, technology and system funding for other conditions; the provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

5, the Commission held a day before the warning education meeting system. SFC chairman Liu Shiyu said that the audit authority to issue securities situation greatly and risk, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Committee in the State Securities Regulatory Commission for Discipline Inspection Group to play a “school” and “the authority” advantage, on the supervision of power operation, strengthen the effective supervision of the securities regulatory authority audit. (Chinese discipline inspection report)

Since November 6, the issuance of asset-backed securities issuance amount has reached 275 billion 624 million yuan, only a few of 298, the relevant issuer reached 44, hit a new high since 2018. 10 months, the relevant data were 115 billion 837 million yuan /198 only /41. (China Securities Journal)

7, the new three board: last week (11.1911.23), 6 new listed company, a week before the increase of 6; turnover of 1 billion 371 million, a decrease of 13.36%. As of now, a total of three new board listed company 10802.


On the evening of 1, 23, A shares listed gaming company giant network released a draft takeover of Israel Corp Playtika. According to the draft, the giant network will continue to price $30 billion 500 million acquisition of Playtika, but the draft adds up to four years net profit is 10 billion 300 million yuan, the performance of promises. The giant network to buy assets to issue shares, not supporting fund-raising. (Beijing)

2, elite: the actual control of Zhejiang province SASAC intends to change.

3, thick Pu shares: the actual control people intended to change the Beijing star kay.

4, China’s agricultural science and technology: the actual control and concerted action shareholding ratio rose to 30%.

5, *ST greatron: revocation of company stock since November 27th delisting risk warning.

6, think of the U.S. media: to 200 million yuan to 500 million yuan more than 15 yuan / share repurchase shares of the company.

7, Tongjitang: quasi 100 million yuan -5 yuan more than 10 yuan / share repurchase shares of the company.

8, Tin shares to 200 million yuan to 300 million yuan more than 16 yuan / share repurchase shares of the company.

9, the Milky Way Kim: proposed public offering of not more than 167 million yuan of convertible bonds.

10, Jiangsu high investment capital Adams group: the company received the requirements involved in docking and discussed in section.

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