Pantera Capital’s ICO hedge fund raised $ 100 million

nnnThe Pantera Capital announced that it would launch a new hedge fund, focusing only on tokens supporting the public chain agreement. Pantera ICO Fund LP, plans to raise 100 million US dollars, has now completed 35 million US dollars. Like the Bitcoin Fund, ICO funds may fluctuate. In general, he stressed that these funds will enhance Pantera’s investment capabilities while helping the market grow.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe $ 600 million ICO market may soon be expanding.n
nInvestment company Pantera Capital announced the upcoming launch of a new hedge fund, only concerned about the support of the public chain agreement tokens.n
nThe hedge fund, called the Pantera ICO Fund LP, is planned to raise $ 100 million and has now completed $ 35 million, including the company’s existing investor groups and undisclosed new investors and venture capital firms. The new fund will complement the joint venture fund Pantera Bitcoin Partners, early 2014 Pantera, Fortress, Benchmark Capital and Ribbit Capital to set up the encrypted money investment fund.n
nThe Pantera leadership team referred to the fund as an extension of investment in the past, including the traditional investment of start-up companies and the use of tokens to stimulate the development of distributed networks. The Pantera portfolio includes Ripple and Zcash Electric Coin Company, which use XRP and ZEC tokens, respectively.n
nPantera CEO Dan Morehead and Augur co-founder Joey Krug will be the chief investment officer of the fund. Krug will join Pantera completely.n
nThe fund is currently open only to US institutions and individuals and is planned to be open to non-US participants in the latter part.n
nPantera Capital Venture investor Paul Veradittakit explained that the fund was founded due to an increase in interest in recent tokens and agreements. Data show that in 2017 ICO financing has exceeded the traditional venture capital banks.n
nThe mechanism of the fund has attracted mainstream well-known enterprises, communications services Kik announced that it will test the network tokens.n
nMorehead said, “ICO is only a few million dollars six months ago, the ether square is only $ 18 million, I think Kik will enable us to reach the key watershed, the company has millions of active users will transition to open source community.”n
nHowever, Pantera’s investment strategy will be more detailed, rather than simply with the concept of interest in large-scale cooperation.n
nKrug said the fund would primarily invest in new agreements, that is, they think it would use encrypted data that could be applied to the company’s operations.n
n”Look at the tokens, you can see that they have two categories. Removed does not affect the network to run the rent-seeking tokens and removed after the network can not run the non-rented tokens.”n
n”The latter has a greater value-added opportunities.”n
nmarketing strategy n
nPantera further explains how to inject funds to assess how its initiatives will affect retail investors’ shareholding, and these investors may also want to participate in encrypted asset investments.n
nSo Morehead said the market should not expect Pantera to make frequent trading, even though the fund will gradually guarantee its profit margins and maximize profit opportunities.n
nn”We will carry out the corresponding value assessment.If the token to achieve good value, the new token is also very expensive, we will trade, but we invest in tokens, not the market.”n
nnKrug explains how to evaluate the various projects, assess the technical basis of the protocol design, and the team’s capabilities.n
nIt is worth mentioning that the investment ICO is still inaccurate science, so in view of the difficulty of changing the chain chain infrastructure agreement, the adjustment of the unknown is the entrepreneur on the basis of the technology to build a good condition.n
nSo Pantera hopes Krug’s experience can bring benefits.n
nIn December, Augur raised $ 5.3 million for ICO based on the forecasting market platform for the EtherChase through sales of token support for reputation systems. Now the company network valuation of 305 million US dollars, tokens trading price of 27 dollars.n
nHe also talked about the rapid rise in the overall market value of the encrypted currency, more than $ 100 billion earlier this year, and $ 18 billion on January 1, creating what the so-called “bubble” effect is on the market.n
nKrug still looks in the long run, believing that ICO will be an important investment way to support the development of the agreement despite the short-term market volatility, which will continue to attract investors and entrepreneurs.n
n”Long term look, we have just started.”n
nSimilarly, Morehead said, like the Bitcoin Fund, ICO funds may fluctuate. In general, he stressed that these funds will enhance Pantera’s investment capabilities while helping the market grow.n
n”Hope it can go through the market correction period.”n

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