Paris Air Show: Accenture said the two-year chain will change the aviation industry

nnnAdventure commentary: Accenture Aviation Services Director at the Paris Air Show said that the block chain technology can record the only real engine history, so that the maintenance team clearly know the situation of the various parts. In particular, the current reference object is a number of macro factors, can not be accurate to the engine different use of the situation. In order to maximize maintenance efficiency, the current general choice of busy maintenance team, but need to wait for a long time. If you use the block chain technology for engine usage records, you can let any team targeted maintenance. At present, Accenture is applying for a franchise based on the chain chain.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe aviation industry consultants support the use of block-chain technology to reduce the cost of aircraft maintenance.n
nBlock chain technology is described as the only leader, can record information from different parties, allowing users to access the only information record.n
nJohn Schmidt, director of aerospace and defense at Accenture, said at the Paris Air Show, “I do see it happen in a few years.”n
nSchmidt to engine maintenance, for example, explain how airlines avoid waste of work.n
nn”The engine’s complete life cycle, different companies have been tracking the original accessories, replacement parts and structure.”n
n”The block chain is actually a single shared book, and each person who uses and touches the engine can use it as the only engine history fact.”n
nnSchmidt said that the use of block-chain data, so that engineers who have never worked on the aircraft to accurately know the aircraft structure, accessories list, the use of data.n
nSchmidt said that the current maintenance staff only focus on “macro factors”, such as engine use time.n
n”The fact is that the engine uses a distinction between high and low pressure environments that have an impact on the engine life cycle.”n
nHe said the current trend is to sign up with the busy engineering team because they have the same engine work experience. Block chains can provide a lot of information, so that not so busy maintenance team to participate in the work.n
n”I tend to use the store already in the maintenance engine, but that store may be backlog of 30 days of work.”n
n”Block chains allow you to find other available options.”n
nSchmidt said there is a need to persuade airlines, aircraft manufacturers and service contractors, but Accenture fully supports block-chain technology.n
nn”We can clearly see the benefits of it, we are applying for a franchise chain franchise.”n

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