PetroBLOQ becomes the newest member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

nBankruptcy Commentary: Canadian public company Petroteq Energy partnered with First Bitcoin Capital Corp., the first US-based blockchain-based company, to develop the PetroBLOQ platform, a blockchain platform that surrounds the supply chain for the LPG industry. At present, the platform has joined the Ethereum Alliance of enterprises, and the number of alliance members has exceeded 200, and more than one working group has been created internally according to different industries.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
PetroBLOQ, the LPG supply chain management platform, is the newest member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).n
Alex Blyumkin, CEO of the company, said the PetroBLOQ platform, jointly developed by Petroteq Energy and First Bitcoin Capital Corp, joins an enterprise-centric blockchain alliance to create a “transformative solution” for the LPG industry.n
Julio Faura, Chairman of the EEA Commission, said:n
n”We want to attract organizations that help create an enterprise-class Ethereum standard that will drive the development of present and future ecosystems for the benefit of all.”n
nAlliance members come from many business sectors, including the public sector, healthcare, energy, banking and more, and now include 14 industry working groups that develop open standards and architecture around the Ethereum platform.n
More than 200 members have joined the coalition, including large corporations such as Accenture, BBVA, Deloitte and Microsoft.n

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