Platform coins burst of red, the end of the bear market rally.

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 Platform coins burst of red, the end of the bear market rally.

In the long bear market, currency platform is undoubtedly one of one of the most excellent performance of currency.

  • Since 2019, the price of BNB hurricane Mengjin, a rose from $6.22 to $15.56 this month to the highest point, the cumulative increase of over 150%. At the same time, and BNB is called the three platform, OKB HT currency also appeared to pick up signs, out of a significant rally;

  • Last year the market Pudie situation, OKB and HT platform currency performance is also extremely brisk, during the May and June record high prices, the maximum rose over 50% weeks. Compared to the two platform BNB coins, although slightly lousy coquettish, but then the price compared with the issue price has nearly a hundred fold increase.

 Platform coins burst of red, the end of the bear market rally.

Data source: non small

Contrarian prices doubled, was less than two years platform coins bring many surprises to the recent dull currency; at the same time their specific value and soaring reason is also becoming more attractive. Of course There are many reasons for the price surge, but from the current development of the market and the relevant exchange platform, the accidental explosion of Red Coins .

The application of space contrary to expectation

As a model of success, one of the earliest currency platform BNB is also introduced. At that time the release of BNB is more a means of financing as an early development of currency. Usually, the special right to buy and hold the BNB users can enjoy such as deduction of transaction fees, and an undertaking with money every quarter profit 20% repurchase BNB and destroyed, thereby eliminating circulating supply part.

Because of these properties, beginning when people used to coin platform definition of equity analogues. But the regular destruction of the traditional stock market repurchase and dividend dividend or similar operation, then let the currency platform has certain value and price protection, to some extent comparable brokerage stocks, in the field of encryption currency acts as a market leader role.

 Platform coins burst of red, the end of the bear market rally.

Data from the chain: smell

But with the passage of time, other properties and application potential of currency platform is also increasingly apparent. As in the case of BNB, the on-line at the beginning as the basic tokens plays a role in the small and medium of exchange other currencies. Until now, BNB in promoting security under the currency trading, equivalent to the height of the BTC capacity has been gradually closing — current exchange hundreds of related transactions, the transaction volume of BNB and bitcoin amounted to tens of millions of dollars, in the front row ETH/BTC. In the Japanese currency security to restart the LaunchPad, is to dig out the potential BNB fund-raising function, and further expand its market.

As for the currency in recent years in the field of payment security frequently layout, gives the application scenario of BNB more. From the official website of the introduction of BNB exchange, in addition to deductible transaction fees, but also in TravelBit, in the Giffto platform to pay travel expenses to buy virtual gifts, by Coinify, BytePay, Coinpayments and other online payment, the use of NAGA and ETF in stock investment…… Although the scope of the current use of BNB is more in the investment or speculation in the real scene, real people might rarely use them; but it is undeniable that the application of BNB is expanding territory.

 Platform coins burst of red, the end of the bear market rally.

Complementary development model

In general, the ecological construction of an expanding currency, to bring more scenarios and value-added space for BNB based BNB users; in turn, add more traffic advantage for the new project will currency bureau. The relationship between the two are complementary and mutually and achievement; this win-win results in the recent concern LaunchPad currency, particularly strong .

LaunchPad is a block chain platform in the currency fund-raising project launched in the second half of 2017, the same year on the line at the end of Girto and Bread Wallet have been popular in the currency circle. Although under regulatory pressure, LaunchPad last year has not launched new projects; but after two years of the restart still pocketed the eye, just two months time they held the red BitTorrent (BTT) and Fetch.AI (FET) two star project.

 Platform coins burst of red, the end of the bear market rally.

The data from an official website and Coinmarketcap: Currency

According to the small data show that BTT and FET on the line when week prices doubled, respectively 158% and 122% rose contrarian. As the standard currency LaunchPad platform for the public to raise the funds flow and BNB natural enjoy project to bring the trading volume on the price at the same time dally straight is also an occasion to rise, the market value is more among the top ten, jumped to seventh in the world. On the other hand, in order to panic buying project raised the amount, the new user registration number of exchange is also increasing. As Fetch.AI raised, then tens of thousands of users signed the agreement; and even more interesting is that the project before the end of the Internet also appeared all kinds of currency KYC Raiders and overseas generation identity certification business, to help users in mainland Chinese bypass on the platform unable to participate in the public offering limited.

This fund-raising means is classified as IEO (Initial Echange Offering, the first transaction, is simply the exchange issue) to the user issuing or selling tokens, users buy financing methods using the currency platform. In this mode of operation, as well as the platform, the new concept of hunger marketing to addition, LaunchPad and BNB in the two months indeed led to market investment frenzy. While taking advantage of this wave of heat, fire currency and OKEx himself, have announced the plan layout similar to LaunchPad. Although both sides claimed that their products Huobi Prime and OK Jumpstart will innovate and perfect the mode and in terms of compliance, but the new project will be on after all the money channel around its currency platform construction.

 Platform coins burst of red, the end of the bear market rally.

Note: the fire coins founder Li Lin in March 6th and made a circle of friends said that the platform will be launched new products in the near future; 7 the multi-party confirmation was informed that the new product is similar to the LaunchPad platform Huobi Prime (right);

Immediately thereafter, micro-blog announced yesterday in OKEx CEO, utility token OKEx will keep online sales platform OK Jumpstrat (left).

The news was announced, HT jumped 104 percentage points in the first month of non rational, OKB on the afternoon of March 12th straight up the highest point of 10.6% to $1.04.

A standard exchange is an inevitable trend

There is a platform of audit investigation as the project quality and safety of the endorsement, can save part on currency exchange complex link and so on, let IEO project financing this more direct and convenient being sought. Of course, IEO and ICO and no essential difference, but the financing currency from bitcoin, Ethernet square, EOS and other mainstream currency exchange platform for encryption currency only. But it is important to note that raising only provide a platform to the center of trade and currency function, R & D projects should always return to the public square chain on ethernet. Like just this year in LaunchPad popular BitTorrent and the upcoming Celer Network operation and their technical development finally in the wave field and etheric workshop.

So in essence, the main reason IEO can circle and “stunning coins or patterns is directly linked with the platform of currency.

The platform comes with primary users and money flow, let the project more easily and rapidly raised funds; and the endorsement and exchange project on-line it soared “consensus”, will give users more opportunities for speculation and investment enthusiasm. In ICO, the IFO has stalled and the prevailing market under the background of worries, on both sides of the project and exchange IEO become explosive can be said to be the situation.

I believe that before long, after the platform have been successfully test the water, a small platform launched LaunchPad project will be gradually broke like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. But for all the links in the most basic part of the platform will become standard currency exchange market is an inevitable trend . Moreover, if not IEO, the future will have more money to establish the value-added business platform around there. Why? Because of the exchange; in a sense, this is the two or three line or eighteen line exchange for survival.

As with other industries, there are also encrypted currency exchange head effect; and with the improvement of the three currency exchange platform of ecological construction, they seize the market share will gradually expand. For small and medium-sized trading platform, with the head of the main business platform steel is not a wise move; they want to survive in the cracks and even said corner overtaking, only to money for the entrance platform, such as IEO, to seek a breakthrough in the voting on currency appreciation business etc.. Not surprisingly, the more than 10 exchanges including Coineal, Dobi, Trade MXC, has recently intimated to the joint launch platform KTN and earlier issued currency; currency platform KuCoin is revealed in this week, will be on the line called Spotlight block chain project publishing platform in the near future.

Like the earlier detonated circle ICO and IFO coins, coins and even the next IEO platform could not escape the abuse of fate; driven by the interests, the use of the new financing means a quick money story will also be staged. Of course, these are not the focus of our discussion today; in my opinion, seek development or money or “money + value-added service platform” model of development will gradually become the most of the trading platform of choice . While the platform is like currency side effects, with the exchange price trends and significant transaction, indirectly reflects the development of the platform and the layout of the success of the project.

By the platform currency caused by a surge in 2019 of the first outlet, this is the end of the bear market rally Coin Ring sounded the horn .

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