Platinum chain joined Softbank ARM artificial intelligence alliance, and Haier, Shang Tang technology with the door


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September 13 platinum chain (BOTTOS) Rong invited to join the full layout of the AI ​​industry’s Softbank ARM alliance, as its first block chain technology strategic cooperation members.n

Platinum chain (BOTTOS) is the world’s first block-chain technology based on artificial intelligence quality training data sharing platform, through the intelligent contract to achieve data providers and artificial intelligence model value link, artificial intelligence company can get through the platinum chain platform training model Need high quality data, or share your own AI model. ARM Artificial Intelligence Alliance, referred to as the ARM Union, the English translation of “ARM AI Ecosystem Consortium” (abbreviation “AIEC”), is the largest acquisition of science and technology in 2016 – Softbank Group spent huge sums of 24.3 billion pounds to highlight its layout AI ambition Strategic acquisition of the leading ARM initiated the alliance, with Shang Tang Technology, Haier and other AI giants members, currently a total of 55 members.n
nSpeaking of the ARM League may not know many people, but talking about business technology to believe that everyone must be thunder. Shang Tang Technology is China’s largest cutting-edge artificial intelligence company, the market value of more than 10 billion yuan Unicorn enterprises, services, including China Mobile, UnionPay, Central Network Office, Huawei, millet, OPPO, microblogging and other well-known enterprises and government agencies. Platinum chain will use block-chain technology to help ARM members of the alliance to obtain a unique data competitive advantage.n
nThe future of trillions of front-end intelligent devices and ubiquitous intelligent applications, making artificial intelligence scenes become fragmented; but at the same time, all applications in the terminal and the cloud and the need for intelligent interoperability. This requires that the entire industry build a more open and flexible collaborative model and ecosystem on a common platform, and that artificial intelligence will have harsh requirements for security, while the platinum chain BOTTOS will be trusted and multi-centered Of the block chain technology as the core of the ecosystem to solve these problems have a natural advantage, will accelerate the development of artificial intelligence.n
nn”We believe that the commercialization of artificial intelligence, relying solely on technology is difficult to continue to go, the size of the data and the ability to collect the artificial intelligence in the development of the industry speed,” platinum chain CEO Song Xin said that the platinum chain BOTTOS) can help ARM members of the enterprise in the data strength, expand the AI ​​model sharing unlimited possibilities, “like the Internet, the future of all enterprises are AI enterprises, and platinum chain is using the block chain technology to accelerate AI The coming of the world “.n
nnARM Alliance Key members:n


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