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“The occurrence of anything has its inevitability”n
Recently a game called “travel frog” popular in the circle of friends. The game, which was developed by a Japanese game company, came into our lives quietly and I noticed that “Traveling Frog” has become the number one free downloadable leaderboard app on the Apple App Store as of January 23.n
Let us look at the game market situation. According to the latest report from overseas analyst firm Digi-Capital, global gaming hardware and software may reach between US $ 165 billion and US $ 170 billion in 2018, and if the mobile gaming market continues to grow rapidly, the global gaming market is expected to increase to 235 in 2022 About $ 100 million means that game revenues can then exceed the current (and now) GDP of 150 countries, of which game software revenue will account for about three-quarters of the total gaming market in five years. Global game revenue in 2018 or reached 170 billion US dollars, of which mobile games accounted for more than 35%.n
Do you think the game is so bright future prospects, the game market seems like a huge cheese mouth-watering? Yes, it is truly enviable to just look at the sales revenue in the games market, but in fact many people do not know who is the true beneficiary behind the superficial benefits.n
The current game download market is dominated by some big companies like Google Play, App Store and Tencent, and they charge game developers 30% to 80%. This means that only game developers in the game market who are financially viable will have enough money to promote their games. For those independent game developers, small and medium game companies, they simply do not have much money to marketing, there is no real effective marketing game difficult to succeed, simply can not compete with large enterprises. In this big fish eat fish, fish eat shrimp in the world, in order to share a slice of the proceeds of the game can be very difficult.n
This is really a distraught thing for an IT person who really loves games and cares about technology. To change the structure of the game download market monopolized by big businesses like Google Play and App Store, GameHub’s Dennis Kim founded PlayCoin.n
“Authority is not God, brave can go beyond”n
Google Play and App Store, the two industry “big brothers” have been sedentary throne for many years, with seemingly unshakeable status. But this does not affect PlayCoin courage to challenge the “authority” of the courage, but also does not affect PlayCoin want to create a free and open portal determination.n
If you have to define PlayCoin, you can say that it is an online gaming ecosystem that uses digital blockchain technology to streamline the download of games as well as digital marketing. PlayCoin will provide a low-cost, alternative Google Play, App Store game download platform.n
In this platform game developers, since the media can find suitable for their own thriving soil. Developers can freely publish their new works. Gamers (including KOL from Media, Reticulation, etc.) then play a large number of trials to pick up games that suit their tastes and spread the videos through social networks to promote their favorite games. Wide spread makes a good game for some revenue, game developers can be based on the smart contract mechanism will be part of the proceeds paid to help their own players. The smart contract mechanism takes a transparent return on investment for social media influencers in such a way that game developers can work directly with these KOLs and reward them by paying PlayCoin tokens. One of such campaigns is a virtuous circular system, which PlayCoin calls Social Mining. Social Marketing bundles games, self-media and user elements into a single, powerful engine that drives PlayCoin on the road to revolutionizing solid-game monopolies.n
“Maxima and Bole, known to encounter in the blockchain world”n
As blockchain technology matures, PlayCoin has been waiting for the timing to mature and like-minded partners. Just last December PlayCoin announced Qtum quantum chain based on Qtum Dapp family as part of Qtum work together to create a new generation of game creation platform. PlayCoin developers will explore a number of open source technologies and technologies based on the stable and efficient UTXO model of Qtum quantum chains and Ethereum virtual machines. And use the source code of the Qtum quantum chain for Qtum ecosystem and more technical support to create an open game portal.n
Qtum openly said:n
n”The addition of PlayCoin adds a touch of light to the ecosystem of the Qtum quantum chain,” “I believe PlayCoin is able to provide an open, free and highly centralized game creation to game developers and hundreds of millions of players worldwide based on the Qtum quantum chain. platform”.n
“Any long way to repair, only the beginning of the same”n
Although there are many twists and turns in the long run, we at PlayCoin believe that as long as the original mind, down-to-earth work, step by step, there will always be something in return. PlayCoin will work with Qtum to write a new chapter in the games and digital markets.n
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