Po.et Officially Launches API-Level Application for Publishers – Frost

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When a project claimed landing, what kind of posture should be?n
Let’s take a look at the development of the Po.et blockchain project:n
Po.et CTO Po.et has formally launched Frost, the API-level application for publishers, by creating a simple pattern of usernames and passwords that allows Frost to immediately allow users to register metadata for digital media using timestamps and thus enable Po.et also completes the WordPress plug-in. After the WordPress plug-in is installed, all articles published through the creator’s account are automatically registered in the Po.et network. WordPress is the world’s most widely covered CMS system.n
The following is Po.et official blog (blog.po.et) compilation content:n
Frost provides content media and developers with a friendly way to interact with the Po.et network without having to deal with private keys. By creating a simple pattern of usernames and passwords, Frost can instantly let users register digital media metadata with timestamps and, thus, reclaim the corresponding data. This API is an important part of the Po.et middle-tier infrastructure. (For more technical details, read our previous “Po.et Technical Stack.”)n
Frost makes it easy for developers to build applications on the Po.et network. Developers can easily integrate APIs into their web stack. Easy-to-access features will enable a large number of new integrated applications built on Frost, which will further promote the use of the platform and make Po.et a well-known online standard.n
All Frost-related information is available on frost.po.et, including how to open an account, how to call API tokens, and common API documentation. We also have a dedicated gitter community where anyone can interact directly with the Po.et development community.n
Beta release will also become the first widely available Po.et developer tool. We expect there will be a dramatic increase in usage in the near future, so all of the current timestamps will now be posted on the Bitcoin test network. Po.et’s development team is currently testing some technical details in order to transfer the time stamp of the test network to the Bitcoin network. We are also updating the development environment, so do not feel anything wrong if a timestamp does not appear in the block browser in time. We will soon launch a UI page that links to an updated block browser on the new node.n
One of the things Frost can immediately demonstrate is its implementation compatibility with the recent popular, open source CMS systems. The API’s versatility will allow developers to build straightforward applications directly into CMS systems. Our development team has completed Po.et’s WordPress plugin and taken the first step. This add-on will make it easy for content creators to publish their creations via WordPress CMS.n
The power of this plug-in is reflected in its simplicity. Content creators can download this plugin directly from the WordPress plugin directory or from our GitHub repository. After the WordPress plugin was installed, all articles posted through the creator’s accountn
Will automatically register in the Po.et network, is very simple. We will explain below, the entire setup process is not complicated. In addition, because we are still in the beta version so far, our timestamp processing is still in the Bitcoin test network.n
how to install n
n· Access the repository’s release resources and download the latest version (https://github.com/poetapp/wordpress-plugin/releases).n
In the WordPress admin panel, under “Plugins.”

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