Porsche Announces Chain Chain Entrepreneurship Champion

nnnnIn addition to cash prizes, the company will also participate in the Porsche-sponsored Leipzig Business School Accelerator Program, which will be held in April. The two companies will begin to cooperate in August to explore the chain chain. Porsche hopes that through these efforts to use the entrepreneurial company’s knowledge and technology to block the chain applied to their own business.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nGerman carmaker Porsche announced the winner of its April Chain Chain Entrepreneurship.n
nCoinDesk reported at the time that Porsche collected entries from the start-up company to explore how to apply the block chain to its own business. The company said on June 22 that more than 100 applicants had participated in the competition.n
nThe winner is a start-up company called Xain AG, which was established in Germany in February of this year. The start-up company is seeking to apply block chains to industrial production processes while using artificial intelligence and machine learning.n
nXain AG will receive a bonus of € 25,000 and can also join the Leipzig Business School’s Accelerator Program.n
nBut more striking may be the chain-chain study that the company and Porsche will begin in August. The cooperation will be in SpinLab (Porsche-supported Leipzig accelerator) for a period of three months of prototype development.n
nPorsche in the statement reiterated the previous goal, that is, hope to use the entrepreneurial expertise to explore the potential use of block chain technology.n
n”Our goal is to be able to observe the subversion potential of the trading system block chain from the perspective of the start-up company,” said Martin Roth, manager of strategy, finance and risk management at Porsche.n
nPorsche is not the only car manufacturer to test block chain technology.n
nIn May, Toyota had just released a new internal research work, and earlier this year, Daimler announced the addition of the Linux Foundation to support the “super book” project.n

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